Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Google's conflicting ad policy

By watching the video you've already understood that Google doesn't run ads on videos about tragedies. That meas if you make video about tragedy like there was an earthquake or storm somewhere and many people effected by that and you make a video about it and then put it on YouTube, you will not get ad revenue of it.

I'm not really sure why they made policy like this. It maybe because it seem kind of pathetic way of making money and that's because people are suffering and you taking that as an advantage to get your own benefit, which might go against the morality.

Although I'm not against Google policies, but as you can see (1:31 video) YouTube got caught in red handed running ads on another video which was about the tragedy. Well, you will not see that any more because when the video above and other people pointed out that to YouTube then YT stopped running ads on that video too.

Another thing he (video uploader) pointed out that the same companies who pulled out ads from YouTube and forced YouTube to make this kind of policies were putting ads on live tragedy on TV (3:51 video). So that means those companies don't give a sh*t about the tragedy and they made huge fuss on YouTube that's all.

How can this policy impact people in a negative way?
Well, I know tragedies are very sad moments and no one wants to be in it. While someone going through a really sad moment doesn't mean every one else should put there stuffs away and join them in their sadness and feel the exact same pain that the people who had directly hit by the tragedy. Well, I'm 100% sure that can never be happen.

Now just imagine for example no one will get ad revenue from videos that are about CAR CRASH. So if they don't get any benefit from recording video about car crash so who will record the car crash then? Likewise if people start thinking like covering stories about tragedies doesn't give them any benefit so they start avoiding covering tragedies altogether, how would you feel then? Do you think that if you don't see something that means that thing doesn't exist? 

Just imagine there was an earthquake somewhere and no one went there to cover the stories, are they going to be OK and feel complete fine after few minutes? No not at all. It's always better to cover theirs stories and show it to as many people they can so that other people can come forward to help them. And because someone did hard work to cover the stories he needs the reward and that could be ad revenue. So in my views putting ads on tragedies is OK (if not too much) and that's what these companies did, but they messed up by pulling ads from YouTube and forced them to make a policy that even they comply.

To be sensitive is good but too much sensitivity is bad.


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