Think AGAIN before you SUBMIT your videos to UNILAD

Well, after seeing some interested things on Unilad's Facebook page I though let me check what's their policy if someone wants to share their content.

After going on their licensing page I thought hold on a minute, people might need to pay for the license but most of their contents (videos and stuffs) are collected from people and then they claimed those as their own and licensing them.

How do they collect?
Well, they've got some people who go around the social media sites and look for funny and interesting things and when they find one just download it and upload on their pages.

They try their best to remove any water mark in the video by editing a bit so that people don't find out the real source directly from the video. Although sometimes they put a credit note in the comment section (many people don't even notice that) but sometimes they don't even bother to give any credit at all. As you can see some people have complained in the links below.

I'm not sure about the last link because when I asked Imgur authority if I can download and share any image from their site (, they said I can without even referring to "Imgur" (although I wouldn't do that because I don't like to claim something which not mine as my own).

So Unilad might have asked permission from the authority of Imgur and they might have granted the permission that's why Unilad might not have mentioned his name. I think Imgur still way better than  Unilad, they (Imgur) don't try to issue licence for sharing their contents.

And on the other hand Unilad collects contents from people for free (well, some times they might give few quids here and there) then claim as their own and then tries to sell licence, what a greedy piece of sh**!

What's wrong with submitting picture/video?
You probably thinking that you might get £300 if your video/picture get selected. Well, imagine 10,000 (Just saying, could be more because this site is huge so 10k probably almost nothing) people think the same way and submit their videos, and Unilad selects 1, 2 or let's say 10. So are you going to try 5, 10 or at least 1 thousand times to get £300? Well, by the time most probably Unilad will make tens of thousand of £££ with those videos.

Do you have control over your content after submitting?
If you read their Terms & Conditions carefully then I assume you will not think that the content you submit you will have any control of. First they make it sure that the content is yours or you have the express permission of the rights holder. Then they will tell you that the content my be published to UNILAD web properties like YouTube,, Twitter, Facebook and so on but that will be decided by UNILAD not you.

And with the other agreements let me just add the final part of it what they said "I further undertake not to enter any future agreements over my content with any third parties, as required by the exclusivity of this agreement and will forward any communications regarding my content to UNILAD, as the new license holder." so after all this you still think that the content is still yours?

Does UNILAD get paid by uploading my video on Facebook?
As far as I know people don't get paid if they upload anything on Facebook (sorry now people can earn money by posting video on Facebook),Twitter and Instagram unless it's sponsored. And you will get sponsored if you have large amount of followers so UNILAD posts the video and people like it and they follow their page and then quite frequently post links on those pages which directed towards their website and that's the main place to make loads of money by showing ads, renting space, selling licence, and more.

I sometimes think that, they kind of controlling people like mass flock of sheep.

Although it's seems mesmerizing here, but imagine the few UNIlAD's employees directing and redirecting millions of people like this, and you are one of them. And funny thing is that people even making bigger flock by sharing and calling other people to join this mass flock of sheep oops I mean people. 

After reading all these if you still want to submit your content to UNILAD then go ahead and good luck to you. It's your content so you can do what ever you want to, but if you find this post useful and want to share with your friends and family to save them being a sheep then please feel free to do so. Thanks


  1. Still havnt received my 100 quid

  2. awesome read thank you. they just contacted me and was debating. this made it much more clear.


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