Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Do dislikes affect your suggestions videos

This is probably another one of my angry posts. One of my videos was going quite well, getting more views and I was getting little bit of ad money as well. But along the views it was getting quite few dislikes too, until it reach 100 rating with 44 likes and 56 dislikes. I was kind of happy to see my first ever video got 100 ratings. But my happiness soon vanished in thin air when I realized that YouTube has stopped suggesting my video and started getting less views.


I searched on Google about if dislikes affects or not but found a site says dislikes doesn't matter. But in my case it did and it really hurt me a lot.

Why people dislike your video?
Well, I've tried my best to make them understand and I did a demonstration to prove it and that works as well. But people still disliked it which I never understood, WTF wrong with people. I even told them please tell me what's wrong with the video? Without saying anything they disliked and gone. It's f**king ridiculous! If someone tries to explain you something and you understood it, you can just hit the like button and go then that understandable. But if you didn't understand something and hit the dislike button and go without asking then it's stupidity at its best.

You might think people quickly dislike and go in the middle of video because they don't want to waste more time in it.
Well, you might think that's smart way of saving time and look for something else but I say that's totally bulshit. And these ultra smart fools are more like to waste their time (I should say life) by watching useless things like how to destroy pilled up cups by trowing match sticks and think as if they did the world a favor, or maybe try to fix a dent car with eggs and axe. By the way I don't mislead people with title or thumbnail, but those people do mislead they get the most views and like. Really people are crazy. I know many people already left this page because (the same thing saving time for useless stuff) can't be bothered reading all these. But those who came this far, I hope they have learned something from this post.

How to save your video from getting more dislikes.
Well, by reading the above paragraph you might have already known that how stupid people are nowadays. They might think they are smart and educated but will act like a extremely fool scumbags. Any way let me tell you the solution which hopefully work for you as well as it has slightly working for me.

Most of time you'll get two kind of people. Haters and people who go with the flow.
Nothing you can do for these scumbags, you just leave them alone and they will forget you over the time. Because over time they will be tired of coming to your channel just to give a dislike, they will so lazy that won't be bothered come back.

People who go with the flow:
Trust me this kind of people are more dangerous if they go opposite way (disliking way). These people don't have mind on their own. They will come and see which way the most people going, if they see likes they will like the video and if they see dislike they will dislike. Because they think majority is always right. So the solution all these nonsense people is to hide the rating so they can't see what's going on and judge the video by its content and haters will go away because they will think that if they dislike it, no one can see so what's the point giving dislike. And that's how you can save your video from more dislikes.

I hope this helps you and if it does then don't forget share this with who it needs.


Do dislikes affect your videos

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Some rich people really play with poor peoples feeling

The video can take some time to load.
I've seen many videos of gold diggers, some of them was fake and probably some of them were real. But I really felt bad when I saw this video where poor guy just went (maybe) thinking that the girl (maybe his girl friend) left him because he doesn't have Lamborghini.

But some people gave him some condolence:

* Don't worry bro we all been there , you will prove her wrong that she date the wrong guy.

* Stay strong dude, life's to short to waste time with people like that. Something very similar happened to me when I was younger, it took me years to overcome it. These days all the women want to be with me, and all the men want to be me.

* The future Billionaire in the eye.. U see that?
* My felling so sad for him...hopefully one day u buy #Lambo & Ride with cute girl better dn her who left u only for #Lambo riding 😑😑😑😑
So don't worry Bro it's gd lessons for u 😉😉

* He did the skateboard guy a favour.. He found out that she just is a gold digger and is addicted of Facebook👍 He should say thanks.

Those people who say money doesn't buy love should watch this.


Side effects of ranking your website on Google's first page

As you probably love to see your website on the first page of search engines. Especially the big ones like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

And who doesn't like to see his page being blown up by visitors?

Well, I think everyone likes it, but do you know what comes with that joy? Of course little bit of money and some hassles with it.

Some of the hassles are, people become your enemy. And then come the hackers and spammers, to hack your site and spam your site just to pull you down.

Trust me I'm literally sick and tired of these spammers, specially these Russian scumbags. Seems like they have nothing to do besides causing pain in the a*se of someone that did nothing harm to them.

There might be two things that causing this problems.

1. The spammers want to get popular as well in quick way. By the way I've said it many times and saying it again. If you are one of them then please try something else, most people are spam proof now. So spamming won't help you at all, specially if you ask me about that then I would say that I don't give a SH#T about spam sites and never ever visit them at all.

2. People might think that the website is making too much money that's why they try to spam or hack just to cause problem and make the website owner lose money.

Well, for this one I blame those bullsh#t fake useless evaluating websites. They will tell you something which is never accurate. Forget that, they are not even near to 20% accuracy. If they start giving the money they predict to the website owners, I'm 100000000% sure  they will delete there website the next day.

That's why I say to those people who owns these (evaluating) kind of websites to stop these nonsense. If you don't know about something then don't try to say you know it. You lot are causing more harm to the people than good. People don't need your bullsh#t predictions. Because there are many fools in this world that take your prediction as words of god (100% accurate). 


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Not every prank goes well

You think that he's probably faked it but you never know it can happen in real life. So better safe than sorry.

Best comments:
* One of my fathers driving lessons to me was that you never drive through a pile of leaves. There could be a rake that someone forgot and it will puncture your tire. But there can also be an animal or a child hiding. Never drive through the leaves like that.

* There was 2 kids that did this to surprise there father when He came home from work...he killed them. Whether its a true story or not....its never safe to do this...unless supervised as a child in the yard. But I will never do this and will teach kids I know not to do this either along with my own. Just the thought of that being true makes me ill.

*Even if it's fake, there's a reason you should always think before you act... Why put the pile of leaves in the driveway in the first place when you could have just as easily put it a few feet away?

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Is google lying about AdSense's invalid clicks

Well, I think Google is taking the piss by saying invalid clicks. I thought that google is the legit company that's why I signed up with Google adsense to make some extra money and somehow trusted a lot and hoped and still hoping that one day I probably earn substantial amount of money so that I can relax after that. But after seeing the recent report for last 8 days I got shocked!!!!

I didn't quite understand how is this possible to get just 26p with 45 clicks, 2,959 impressions, and 3,387 page views? What's really going on?

I know Google counts some of the clicks as invalid and some of the clicks come from very low pay per click, but still 26p for all these (45 clicks, 2,959 impressions, and 3,387 page views)? I'm really fed-up with this shit.

What are invalid clicks?
As I heard that if someone clicks on the ad and don't stay on the destination page for long enough then that counts as an invalid click. Or they just allow one or two clicks from each ip address, that means more than one or clicks from same ip are counts as invalid clicks.

I'm really interested know that, does Google really pay back the money of the invalid clicks to the advertisers? If yes then that kind of OK because at least the advertisers got their money back but if not then this is totally fraud and stealing money from us publishers. It's not fare at all that publishers do the hard job and google just get almost 50% or maybe 95% by saying invalid clicks.

I really want know if advertisers get the money back or not. If you are one of the Google advertisers please let us know by commenting down below. Thanks

I found one publisher and advertiser who is really unhappy about Google's service.
*I have been through these forums and many others trying to fine one explanation on why my adsense account shows the same traffic as my statcounter, but statcounter registers click and google does not even if they were "invalid".  So far, no valid explanation other than pissed off publishers who have come to realize google adsense is not all it's cracked up to be.  Even advertising my site, MidnightCrowd, on google costed me $.60 on most keywords down to $0.15 on others, but when the same type sites are advertised on mine, I get maybe $0.01 per click.  What ratio is that?  99% google, 1% publisher?*

See how he says when he tries to advertise on google it cost him $0.60 - $0.15 and when people put their ad at that price (of course coming through google) on his site, he gets $0.01 so what does that show?

Let's take the lowest price people are paying $0.15 and publisher getting $0.01 so how much did google take? Google took $0.14. I'm out! :( Can't help it. Work hard and get sh*t, maybe that's how the world works nowadays. I might put a donation button on the side but then I think people won't be bothered donating anything.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to delete picture from hangouts chat history

You maybe looking for how you can delete a picture from hangout chat history, right?
Well, although it's easy but many people might find it a little bit hard. First way you can delete is by clicking on the settings (the gear sign on the top right-hand corner). But in that way your picture still be viewable by the person you have shared picture with.  Because it will delete your copy of the conversation. As you will see "This will delete your copy of the conversation, and you will no longer be able to view these messages." I think the second option is better.

Option two:
1. Go to Google Picasa web albums make sure you log in with the same email that you have sent the picture with.

2. Find the album called "Photos from Hangouts" and delete which ever picture you want. Remember what ever picture you delete here will not find again.

That's all plain and simple. 

Why am I still seeing the picture on my hangout chat history?
Don't worry about that, it takes some time to delete from everywhere once it done you won't see it again.


Monday, 20 February 2017

This couple made a sewer their home for over 20 years

Best comments:

* There are thousands of orphaned children living in sewers in foreign countries. They live on what they can scavenge.

People had so many question about them and so had I.

* I wonder what they use for a bathroom. Although, maybe the answer is obvious. Why is there no sewage flowing around them?

* How do they keep rain water from coming in is what i want to know. 20 years and the city hasn't moved them? how do they keep their stuff from being stolen? how do they keep from being harassed by punks? a molotov cocktail down that hole is all it takes to end their lives or ruin the home if they're both gone. other homeless ppl don't try and rob them? i don't understand how they've been there so long. where does the electricity come from for their tv and stuff? lots of questions to be asked here ya?

* Only way a relationship can be healthy, steady and consistent is if the 2 people involved are on the same page.

Video at the top might take some time to load.

People are too lazy! Who need this?

Best comments:

* Nasty. That sluice will be full of bacterial films within months.

* I hope one day little spider will jump up with water.. Direct in the mouth.

* Just how much little work do people want to do? Soon the only part of our body that would have to work would be the heart.

* Just bend over and put your mouth under the tap.

* Why not get a glass and save some water.

Video at the top might take some time to load.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Laptop making too much noise after installing windows

Well, I assume you probably  having same problem as mine. Recently I tried to download and install a screen recorder software but didn't know that they have sent virus with it. So after installing that bul***t software I had to go through lot of pain and at the end I decided to reinstall my windows 8.1

But after reinstalling windows I've noticed that my CPU getting too hot very quickly and that's why the fan started spinning at full speed and making too much noise. So these are the things I did and it's behaving normal now, smooth and fine.

1. Uninstalled all the unnecessary programs which came with my Lenovo G505s specially these two, Mcafee (instead, I installed Avast) and lenovobrowserguard. According to Avast lenovobrowserguard is a virus, see the screenshot below.

2. Stopped Superfetch, IP Helper and Background Intelligent Transfer Service from running at the background as I've seen many people said online, but unfortunately they all still running somehow.

3. Updating the windows. I think this one and number one solved my problem. Because after installing the outdated windows obviously it will look for the updates otherwise it's vulnerable to hackers. So straight after installing it tries to look for the important updates as soon as possible and when it tries to do many things at ones that's when CPU becomes very hot and fan starts making noise.

Of course it was lot of updates but I've set update setting to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them". At the moment I only did some of the big (memory-wise) important updates and try to do little by little every day.

That's all for this post I hope it helps you as it did mine. My laptop is now quieter than mice. Just kidding, it does make noise sometimes when it gets too much load on it. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How to control something with shadow

As you probably have seen people making stuffs which controlled by lights, like street lights are controlled by sun light and some robot cars that follows lights only. But in this post I want to share something which may seems odd but might be interesting because it controlled by shadow.

How does it work?
Well, it is ultimately controlled by light actually. Because the sketch below first measure the brightness of the light, and then when you set a certain measurement that if brightness of the light goes below that level it will turn on the led and that's where shadow comes in.

Any object that blocks the light and make it less bright on the photoresistor, we see as a shadow and photoresistor sees as less bright light.

The sketch

    int photocellPin1 = 1;     // the cell and 10K pulldown are connected to a1
    int photocellReading1;     // the analog reading from the sensor divider
    int led1 = 2;          // connect LED to pin D2

    int photocellPin2 = 2;    
    int photocellReading2;
    int led2 = 3;

    int photocellPin3 = 3;    
    int photocellReading3;
    int led3 = 4;

    int photocellPin4 = 4;    
    int photocellReading4;
    int led4 = 5;

    int photocellPin5 = 5;    
    int photocellReading5;
    int led5 = 6;

    void setup() {
      pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);
      pinMode(led2, OUTPUT);
      pinMode(led3, OUTPUT);
      pinMode(led4, OUTPUT);
      pinMode(led5, OUTPUT);

    void pca() {
      photocellReading1 = analogRead(photocellPin1);      
if (photocellReading1 <=500){
    digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);

    void pcb() {
      photocellReading2 = analogRead(photocellPin2);            
if (photocellReading2 <=500){
    digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(led2, LOW);

    void pcc() {
      photocellReading3 = analogRead(photocellPin3);            
if (photocellReading3 <=500){
    digitalWrite(led3, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(led3, LOW);

    void pcd() {
      photocellReading4 = analogRead(photocellPin4);            
if (photocellReading4 <=500){
    digitalWrite(led4, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(led4, LOW);

    void pce() {
      photocellReading5 = analogRead(photocellPin5);            
if (photocellReading5 <=500){
    digitalWrite(led5, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(led5, LOW);

void loop() {

Remember because this catch hast to get the measurement from 5 different photoresistor so I got rid of the print code that has increased the speed. You might have to use it at least for one to set the appropriate number. So here is the code
Serial.print("First photocell reading = ");
      Serial.println(photocellReading1);     // the raw analog reading
just copy the code between dots and paste it right under the photocellReading1 = analogRead(photocellPin1);   and then reupload the sketch.


Friday, 10 February 2017

Never try to download CamStudio from camstudio.org

I'm writing this post specially for myself so that if I forget it and try to download this shitty virus software again then this post will remind me.

Let me tell you my experience with this software. I was looking for a screen recorder for my PC so that I can make tutorial video. First I search on eBay and found this software, I thought let me try to search on the web first so that I know how good it is. So I searched it and found the first link praising about this shitty software. I thought it must be true then and looked for the main website to download from. And found camstudio.org is the main website according to wikipedia's picture.

When I downloaded it and installed it, within few second my antivirus said a virus has been blocked. So immediately I uninstalled that shit without even looking right or left. I still found a software called "BingProvidedSearch" installed on my PC. I've tried to uninstall that but it was not going at all, so I refreshed my PC (by refresh I mean proper refresh).

It took me long long time to refresh it and had to reinstall many softwares again and in the process I lost my valuable bookmarks. So because of the pain I went through, I wouldn't even brother to visit the site forge about downloading that shjitty software again.

Why do they have to include virus?
If you want to make something free then make it fu***ng free. Why do you have to include virus? If Bing sponsored the "BingProvidedSearch" then I want to say that if you (Bing) want to compete with Google than do the fu***ng job as Google does. No one gives a shit if you don't do the job properly and try to promote your shitty search engine and try to shove it down people's throat even though they don't want it to use. I've seen so many of my post links on Google's first page but only few in Bing and I get more than 80% traffic from Google and maybe 0.00000001% from Bing. So go away, I never used and will never use your bullshit search engine.

What would you do?
If you still want to download and install this go ahead it's all up to you, but as far as my experience and many other people have said. There is definitely virus in it so enjoy the virus.


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How to react when people say sellout to you

Are you one of those who is quite popular and many people look up to you and be like you, but you did something what you liked and they are going against you and calling stuffs?

Well, remember if you have lot of followers then they probably like you because of the way you are so don't try to be a different person or copy others.

Do followers and their feelings matters?
Yes of course, at least for those who have small amount of followers. Remember where you are now today, it's all because of them and of course your talent aswell. So if they go away, you will be the unknown person again like before. At the same time it's not good for fans to interfere in every actions of their role model.

Recently a very famous YouTuber called CaseyNeistat made a video about it and explaining why he doesn't like people calling him sellout. Before you think why did he say that we need to know some of the history about it. Well, he had a video messaging application called Beme which didn't do well, but maybe he has more than 6 million fans CNN bought the app. And as you probably already know that most people don't like CNN and often time they mention CNN as a joke and none reliable source.

Many people were saying that CNN did a good move because people don't believe them so they tried to win the trust again and they found many young people like CaseyNeistat, so they bought his app which wasn't doing well, but their target maybe the CaseyNeistat's 6million+ audience and not the app itself.

Although Casey said he just sold his company and not his YouTube channel but many time he was kind of promoting CNN in his videos. And maybe that's why people are calling him sellout.

You can watch the video and see what he says.

After watching the video you might be thinking he is right, and who cares about fans? You are getting money that's enough.

Well, it might be right in a way but if you have got a small amount of subscribers or followers and you don't care about their feeling then of course they will go away. And how you going to make money after that? They are the ones who are watching and generating the money for you. If they go away who you going to make money from?

Big people can say what ever they want because they know if few people don't like them other will come because they are already well-known and many people are just go with the flow.


Saturday, 4 February 2017

How to see YouTube's RealTime views from high to low

If you have got a YouTube channel then you definitely try to see how your videos are performing? So that's why you probably frequently log in and go to Realtime views, where you can see estimated views data for the last 25 published videos.  But what about if you want to see Realtime views of most viewed videos of yours?

Well, I was looking for this option in the settings but didn't find anywhere. And as usual I was just checking my YouTube today and suddenly it (the list) came the way I wanted. I don't know how did it happen, maybe the script got mixed up or something. But I quickly took the opportunity and grabbed the code and here it is.

1. Log in to your Account.
2. Click on Creator Studio.
3. Click on Analytics.
4. Click on Realtime.
5. Copy these few characters ,rbd=4,rsc=2  and paste it after r=realtime in the URL at the top.
6. Hit the Enter key.

That's all, very simple but didn't know this for long time. Please feel free to share if this helped you. Thanks.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Bangla Text to Speech (The best app ever)

If you are one of those who understands Bangla but can't write or read it, but you want to know what's written on the Bangali websites or want to listen to it then this is the perfect app for you.

This is even very helpful app for students, teachers and journalist as well. And for those people who simply can't be bothered reading too much texts.

I have found this app long time ago but recently when I thought let me try this in Bangla if it can read it or not. And after a small set up it started working fine and I'm very happy with the result.