Friday, 31 March 2017

This dad will never forget the joke he did with his son

This video is going viral on Facebook where a dad hides (seems like) dog poo (maybe fake not sure) and tells his son that he has caught a bird, and he (dad) wants him to catch it before it flys away. So his son comes and he was so excited to catch the bird, eventually when his dad lifts the cover and he catches the bird dog poo.  He was disappointed and disgusted and slaps his dad with the poo. lol

Best comments:

* [I Did Laugh but ...... On the serious side we all know what diseases you can get from dog poop 💩 so don't think it was a wise choice !]

* [haha Look at everyone giving their opinions on what's right and wrong. Shut up and just laugh at silly internet videos... then go on about your day.]

* [This is exactly how I'd want my kid to react. No crying, just full on retaliation.]

* [You guys got caught with a great act! Lmao! It was all planned...the father's a comedian and does comedy videos on fb... I know because I've been following his page. He was very funny guy. You people just need sense of humor!]

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Best way to take screenshots on windows

As you probably already know that when you want a screenshot you hit the "PrtSc" key to take a screenshot of your laptop or PC. But sometimes you just want to take a small portion of the screen, and what you probably do is take the full screenshot and then got to the paint and then crop it to that specific portion, right?

Well, is this post I want to share a secret tip which I found out recently that you can take all kind of screenshots with a windows built in software.

Where can you find it?
Go to the start menu and then search for Snipping Tool.


Although it's a very small software but it has few useful settings.
1.  Free-form Snip: This means you can take a snip of any shape how ever you like.
2.  Rectangular Snip: That means you can take a snip of rectangular or square shaped what ever small or big size you want.

3.  Windows Snip: In this setting it will only take a snip of one window. That means if you open a folder then hit "New" (while your setting is on Window Snip) and then hit any part of the folder, it will take the snip of that folder only. How cool is that!
4. Full-screen Snip: It's like taking the screenshot by hitting the "PrtSc" key.

There are few more things you can do which you can find out by playing around with a bit. I hope this helps you. :)
Note: I've tried this on window 7 and 8, and it worked fine and I think it will work in newer version too.


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Is it worth it to open a YouTube channel for living?

You probably thinking that I'm discouraging you from opening a  YouTube account.
Well, no, not really. I just want to share my own experiences and experiences of similar channels owners like mine. There are few things you need to note here.

If you have opened your account  to earn a leaving from it and get less than 50,00 views (even that is not sufficient I think) per month, then you probably need to delete it. That's because the amount of money you will earn from these views won't generate enough to sustain you unless you leave in a poor country.

Yes there are too much competitions on YouTube. There are literally hundreds of thousands of channels in every category you can ever imagine. And there will be always some of them who are very popular and they get most of the views in that topic. So you might stay at the bottom for few years or might be stay there forever.

You can't satisfy everybody even though you upload the best of the best video in the world. There will be some people from the other side of the world who will dislike or might report it. And for the beginners dislikes are the most tough thing to deal with. It can effect your video and eventually will effect on your channel.

By quality I mean it can be content quality or video quality, both are very important. If they are not good enough people won't like it and most probably give dislikes and go away.

So after reading all these don't get fooled by the media when they show you few YouTubers making millions from YouTube, and make you think that you are next PewDiePie. Well, that's far away from the reality. YouTube don't pay sh#t to small account owners or might pay almost nothing. If you still want to try your luck then go ahead. I wish you the best of luck, but very few people succeeded. :(

Few days ago someone told me his account got suspended forever, and he had about 50k views but didn't get single penny to take away with him. Imagine this happens to 50k accounts, that's 2,500,000,000 free views for YouTube or at least 2 billion if you say they don't always show ads. So who is benefiting the most in this case?

One last thing I want to finish off with that, if you are popular in any social media sites then you can earn money with or without ads. But if you don't have large amount of followers then you won't be able to make any money.  Followers is the key here. Let us know about your story in the comment below. Thanks
Let me start with mine. I opened my channel in 2014 and till now I got about 80k views and 1,915 subscribers and 97% of them are inactive.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Why people should stop being too emotional to some animals

By reading the title you probably thinking that I'm a cruel person. Actually I'm not, in fact I don't like any living animal to be suffered unnecessarily. But sometimes you need to think about the situation where there are in. Here is a perfect example.

This YouTuber uploaded a video about rolling log mouse trap. Where he put some water in the bucket under the rolling log, so that when mouse falls into the bucket it drowns straight away without much suffering for long time. But many soft hearted people started complaining how cruel he is by letting them drowned in the water.

So he made another video where he didn't put any water in the bucket. And in the morning he saw one and half mice. Well, one and half because one ate almost half of  another mouse. So which one is more cruel?

Really people need to learn how to balance something. It reminds me once I uploaded a video on YouTube where people have killed a big snake (someone sent me that video). Very soon that video got few dislikes and it was showing that it will not earn any money from the ad. So I deleted it. I think someone must have reported that video as cruel or something.

So here are few things to note about the deleted video. Did the guy (who disliked or reported) know why those people killed the snake? What if that snake was not from extinct species and might have bitten someone? What if they killed it to eat? Do you think by disliking the video and make delete from YouTube will make them not kill? And so many other questions can be asked, so please try to be reasonable and don't go with the flow. To be kind to animals is very good character but try to find out the situation first and then decide which side you want to lean.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Are extreme content creators really making millions from ad revenue?

Well, this is probably going to be a controversial topic that's why first I thought forget it, but then I thought because all the news outlets showing one side of the story and completely avoiding the other side. So someone needs recap the other side of the story as well, so that normal people can understand what's going on.

OK, before I start let me be clear. I will try my best to be as neutral as possible. And all I want to do is to  point out few points that arise from actions of few big companies.

As you probably already know that many companies started boycotting to advertise with Google, and reasons are they have seen some of their ads showing up alongside "hateful, offensive and derogatory" video contents on YouTube.

"The spreading corporate boycott, which began in the UK after revelations in The Times, threatens to dent Google's multi-billion dollar ad revenue.
It has already seen big companies including Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Volkswagen, L'Oreal, RBS, HSBC and Lloyds suspending ads, as well as the UK Government.
Google has apologised and said it would step up its efforts to block ads on "hateful, offensive and derogatory" videos." [rf1]

OK, First question is who will decide what video is hateful, offensive and so on?

1. Government.
If you say government, then one government can't make rules for whole world, can it? Different people in different countries got different rules and laws. How can one enforce their laws to other people living in another country? Well, all they can do is block the video url for that specific country if they don't think that video is right for them and their citizens.

2. Companies.
And if you say let's decide the companies, then it will be all messed up. What if a video is hateful, offensive and extremist to one company and completely normal for other company. It is most likely that not every company will agree with a decision which has been taken by another.

3. People
If you say let people decide then. well, that is difficult too, because if a channel has large number subscribers then most of them will like what ever video the creator posts. That's why you will see channel like "How to basic" getting millions of views and hundreds of thousands likes on each video, Although I've never seen a useful video on that channel. So how can you tell what is extremist and what is not?

4. Google
Well, ultimately the responsibility comes to Google, because it has granted the creators to open a channel and post videos. But even Google has to think twice to consider a video to be extremist, hateful, offensive and derogatory. Because Google has to think about the people's (whole world) mind set the companies, publishers and the government laws of each country. So if just one country can't control its citizens what they can watch or can't block the videos or extreme type on contents to be accessed in their own country then how is it possible for Google to control that in worldwide?

Google still has apologised and said it would step up its efforts to block ads on "hateful, offensive and derogatory" videos. But companies still boycotting Google.


What happens if it is extreme content according to everyone?
OK, until now I just talked about who can decide or how can someone define which content is extreme. And now let's talk about what happens if it is extreme content according to everyone, which rarely happens.

According to bbc "An advert appearing alongside a video earns the poster about £6 for every 1,000 clicks it generates, meaning brands may have unwittingly contributed money to extremists." [rf2]
 So these companies  thinks that if their ads show few times along side a video then that makes them supporting them (video uploaders) although the amount is almost nothing.

Do you know how hard it is to generate 1,000 clicks? First of all if the video is really hateful, offensive and derogatory or what ever you say. It will ether get less views therefor even less clicks or it would get deleted by YouTube anyway if it's that bad. So to get 1,000 valid clicks, (yes valid clicks, Google makes clicks valid only if the the person clicks on on the ad and stays on the the site for long period of time. So that video might take years to make few pounds, because not every channel is like BBC. And another thing is that your ad might have showed few times, that means the video probably didn't even make a penny.

So we can see few points here:
1. "The video uploaders are not earning in pounds but they earning in pennies". As Google's European chief, Matthew Brittin said in the video 1:13. And that's because to earn money on YouTube is very hard as I've already explained above, plus YouTube don't show ads of one advertiser to one video only. It gets divided and showed in different videos. That means your ads are shown along side good videos most of the times.

2. If few pennies goes to disputed extreme content creator does it consider as a supporter of extremist? If that is right then why is Toyota is not banned all over the world or at least in the western countries, because as we all can see in news all the time that ISIS's favorite vehicle made by Toyota. And no one will deny that. So are you going to say that Toyota is supporting them? And I'm sure people can't buy those vehicles with few pennies or pounds. So why can't you say Toyota is supporter of ISIS although they are getting so much benefit from those vehicles plus they are well known terrorists to all and you crying about few penny on something disputed.

Here is one video by Philip DeFranco explaining little bit about this issue, you might have to watch full video because he talked about other stuffs as well. Or you can watch these two portions at 2:53 and 12:42 at least.


* [rf1] US firms pull ads from Google as boycott over hate videos grows
* [rf2] Google apologises after ads appear next to extremist content

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Dog's reaction when its owener suddenly collapses

Here is another #1 trending video of a less know person. According to the uploader the owner of the dog wanted to see the reaction of his dog, what does it do when he suddenly collapses on the ground? But unfortunately it seems like he didn't even realise that his owner collapsed and went way. This video was uploaded on Sep 24, 2015 and suddenly started trending on Mar 19, 2017

The comments are even funnier:
* [Some say he's still walking.]
* [Some say he reached the minecraft farlands lol]
* [Plot twist the dog didn't even know you existed in the first place.]
* [The dog did the right thing stay cool calm and collected and went off to look for help]
* [Not one single F was given. That dog is a savage!]
* [lmao he doesn't even care]
* [Some say he got to China]
* [The dogs like 'This is my getaway! I can finally get away from my owner!']
* [He's walking to the nearest hospital]
* [You can tell the dog was high in crack.]
* [When you're owner collapses but taking a shit is far more important]
* [He fooled the dog once before but didn't record it, tried it again and the dog was like wont get me twice idiot.]

Someone asked : Why is this trending? This video is years old?!?
And reply was: Because he's still walking as of today.


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Bow and Arrow with Arduino

I'm not sure if anyone has done this before, but I thought it will be cool thing to do with Arduino that you shoot an arrow which can be triggered by light. Yes that's right, it can be triggered by light. That means if someone makes it bigger size and set it between point A and point B, and he puts a laser on the point B then if anything goes between those two point will get direct hit.


Note: This is just an idea and not intended to harm anything or anyone.

#include <Servo.h>
Servo myservo;
int pos = 0; 
    int photocellPin = 0;     // the cell and 10K pulldown are connected to a0
    int photocellReading;     // the analog reading from the sensor divider

    void setup() {
    void loop() {
      photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin);      
      Serial.print("Analog reading = ");
      Serial.println(photocellReading);     // the raw analog reading

if (photocellReading <=150){

  for (pos = 0; pos <= 105; pos += 1) { // goes from 0 degrees to 105 degrees   
    myservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'
    delay(6);        // waits 6ms for the servo to reach the position
  else {


Remember Analog pin 0 is for photo-resistor and digital pin 9 is for servo. You can find the diagram at the end of the video 1:39 video time.

You might have change the photocellReading highlighted in green to match your needs, because light density can be different in efferent condition and location.

When you make the servo to hold the arrow it, don't make it hold for too long. That's because it tries to go from position 0 to 105 (or what ever you set) but it can't reach to the 105 position because of the arrow handle, and it still keeps trying to reach, and that makes it go hotter and hotter. You might burn it if you keep it too long.

Flipbook of gangnam style is amazing

This flip-book is quite amazing, how can someone draw so many picture and when he/she started flipping it came almost exact same as the original video. This video was uploaded January 29th, 2013 and got 4,531,282+ views. I must say the guy who did this is very talented.

Best comments:
* [I can't imagine how long this took :0]
* [It must have taken hours to do that. I give credit and left a like.] Lol I think it too days not hours.
* [this guy deserves more than 1 million subs! The hard work ! I appreciate it really ! love it] So true but we can see people like MrGear get more attention than this guy.
* [I don't even have the patience to animate the first five seconds. This dude deserves more views.]

Thursday, 16 March 2017

YouTube Annotations is going away from 2 May 2017

You probably already know what annotation is so I won't really go into it. I just want to say that those annoying annotations will soon go away as YouTube has announced it today. I used to dislike those annotations if I saw too many in one video, but as a content creator sometimes I used to use it in my videos. But rarely some one used to click on them , plus it didn't work on mobile devices.


Reason to discontinue:
  1.  Annotations doesn't work on mobile devices and 60 percent of YouTube’s watchtime now on mobile.
  2.  After adopting End Screens and Cards (these two work on mobile devices) the use of annotations has decreased by over 70 percent.
  3. People don't like it and it generate seven times less clicks across YouTube.
  4.  Adding annotations hard at the end of the video but End Screen much easier.
If you want to read in detail you can always visit the YouTube's official blog or just by searching   Keep fans engaged with Cards & End Screens as we say goodbye to Annotations Editor on Google.

Some people might still miss it but I think it's fine, finally the annoying boxes will go away. Oh I forgot to say the old Annotations will stay but you won't be able make a new one or edit the old one. You will only be able delete the old ones. I say just delete and let people watch your video in peace.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Can you trust

Well, if you are a blogger or a website owner you will see many bullsh#t sites like try to evaluate your site although they will never be able to predict accurately. Here is an example of that.

The other day when I was trying to search my site on Google this site caught my eyes. So I clicked on it and saw that they've listed my site as an ADULT site, and that's when I thought I have to say something about it. It seems like this site doesn't know what my site all about but they still some how manage to rate it as an adult site. And I call the verdict is totally bullsh#t.


Before I tell you about my site let me warn you from this kind of false info evaluating sites. It actually pisses me off!!! My question is, if you don't know about something why do you have to add it to your site and make a big deal and scare other visitors from visiting it? This kind of sites actually cause more harm to small site like this one and don't let it grow up.

Now let me explain the  points in the picture one by one:
Privacy: This site runs on which is Google's property and what ever there's privacy policy it is for this site as well, because I didn't put any extra script or anything to collect data or to monitor visitors. By the way 99.99999999% sites uses cookies nowadays, so you're being tracked everywhere so don't be a stupid and cry about your privacy and shit.

Trust: I don't really care if you trust this site or not. I've made this to help people and share my own experience or share some funny stuffs to entertain people so that they can have some good time. And when I write some important stuff I always provide the sources so that you can evaluate by yourself. By the way you can't satisfy everyone.

 Child Safely: Well, when I made this site I didn't intend this for children and those people who are mentally like children (immature) anyway. Because they do something and blame someone else. I even hinted this on the about page very clearly.

Safety Verdict: F##k safety verdict of I don't put any adult or explicit materials on this site where as will warn you by saying "Warning! The site ahead may contain some adult or explicit materials, please be sure you want to proceed".  If you don't do something and you still get blamed for it then that shit make people do things that they didn't wanted to do. << Did your brain processed what I've said? OK, let me explain you with an example. If you are charged with a crime which you didn't do, then of course that (charge of false crime) will make you do actual crime.


Reason why they're doing this:
Well, I think because I've enabled adsense's dating sites, so when they shows the ads they might sometimes show some half naked women. And for that you can't call a full website a adult site, can you? Or you probably should call YouTube an adult site because of this video. It's not even age restricted although it says Explicit in the title and anyone can watch it. Why is that?

Conclusion: At the end I would say, sites like are totally bullsh#t. They are just hurting small sites who want grow up but because of these scaremongering sites (like vinaora) visitors can't trust them (small sites). But how come visitors trust them (site like in the first place? I don't understand.

Note: Offensive language
You can't even call a whole site "adult site" just because it has few swear words here and there. I don't usually swear but sometimes when things seems to go too far you need use some just to show how strong you feel about it. And don't try to be like a saint! Nowadays you can see swearing everywhere sometimes you might be able to see in mainstream media as well. Most people are not bothered about these any more. And if you really care about that much then stay under the rock and don't come out of it, because the world doesn't go according to you and how you feel.

Sometimes people just use swear words without any real purpose or just use as humor which can't be expressed without it.

Offensive? Well, you can't satisfy everyone. There will be someone offended what ever you say. So if you think like that then you won't be able to do anything. If you think that you never swore in your life or offended anybody then you can leave this site, because most probably you are lying and that's why you offending me.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sheikh Akbar's been removed from Wikipedia

Well, recently when I searched Sheikh Akbar's name on Google I've noticed that there's not a Wikipedia page for him, although he had one before. Instead of his page on Wikipedia it was showing Karim Metwaly's page. 

I'm not sure what's going on, I though Wikipedia is not bias towards anyone or anything but how can they remove someone who is already well known. They will redirect you to Karim's page when ever you click Sheikh's clickable link on Wikipedia. Funny thing is that they have removed Slim Albaher's name as well. I don't really mind about that because this guy (Slim) got free promotion from Adam Saleh although this guy clearly didn't help Adam to build his channel (TrueStoryASA). I think they should have called it FakeStoriesOfAdamSaleh because his videos are full of lies, even Wikipedia exposed some of them, but you will still see many people run after him. I've stopped watching his video because it's simply waste of time or I should call it waste of life actually.

By the way let me tell you one more fun fact. I don't know who is editing Wikipedia nowadays, if you click on Karim's page on Wikipedia then click on his YouTube channel link, it will take you to page where is says "This channel does not exist.".

Note for who ever edited Karim's page:
I don't know if this will reach you or not but if it does then please try to make sure that you put the actual links. Here is the example what you did wrong.

Your link on Wikipedia is:
And the real link is:
He has changed his name that doesn't mean that if you put the name after (/user/) it will work.
{Well, they have fixed the link but didn't add Sheik Akbar, seems something fishy here}

Any way, coming to the main point. So because Wikipedia removed Sheikh Akbar that doesn't mean he is dead and people won't know abut him and trust other websites. You can always find out about him on plus I'll add some of his social media sites below.

His social media sites:
Main Channel:

If you want to add something more then please write it down below with proper source, preferably direct to Sheikh's posts or video. Thanks


Friday, 10 March 2017

BBC News blooper #1 Trending

This video was trending #1 on 10-03-17. Many people have found this video hilarious and I'll tell why I'm sharing this here after sharing some fantastic comments to make this video even more enjoyable.

* [best part is how the wife slides in to the room like Kramer then runs into the door on the way out. Cute fam though.]

* [lmao his wife closed the door like she just survived a terror attack]

* [The baby in the baby-walker barging into the room oh my god.] lol it seemed like the baby was swimming.

* [As a stay at home Dad I know that face well, the oh shit I'm using to computer for something important and forgot to lock the door face.]

Anyway now let me tell you the main reason of sharing this video. I usually don't share trending videos of famous people because they are already famous and their videos might trend every now and then. So instead of sharing their videos I prefer to share those people's video who are unknown.

  • The video has been uploaded on a channel called  Sverre Nilsen
  • Created on: Mar 28, 2010
  • Total video uploaded till 10-03-17: 55 videos  
  • Subcribers: 328
  • Oldest video uploaded on Mar 28, 2010 and had only 390 views. 
That shows this guy has been trying for long time and finally  he's got some exposure and I hope he can now carry on his YouTube channel and make a living out of it. Good luck!


Thursday, 9 March 2017

6 Life Hacks With Hot Glue

Although after seeing the thumbnail of the video you might think it's rubbish, how hot glue can be used with iPhone? Well, you are right the video maker might have added the picture to draw attention (I should call it click bait instead) but it can be used in many useful ways. These are the few things you can do with hot glue and I'm sure you can do many more which I will add later. Hopefully you will like them.

1. Make your chopping board less moveable. From 0:10
2. Insulating broken wire. From 0:34
3. Feeling the loose screw hole and making it tight. From 0:53
4. Making a small mat for glass so that it doesn't move about. From 1:15
5. Making your doormat stay in one place. From 2:02
Although I don't like this idea, because it might make more mess.
6. Making a phone protector. From 2:32

10 Great Ways to HIDE MONEY when Traveling


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

10 Great Ways to HIDE MONEY when Traveling

1. Inside a dental floss container. From 0:38
2. Half used tube of toothpaste. From 1:08
3. Inside a diaper. From 1:38
4. Inside of a stack of cards. From 2:11
You might have trim few cards from the middle.
5. Inside a chewing gum wrapper.From 3:10
6. Inside a comb. From 3:48
7. Inside a pen around the ink cartridge. From 4:23
8. Inside a chap stick or lipstick. From 4:56
I think in this one it's better to use insulator to insulate the money.
9. Inside a bar of soap by drilling a hole in it. From 7:12
10. Inside a cap of a shower gel. From 8:39

I think he forgot to add one tip which he said at the beginning which was bottom of the shoes. I think you should always keep in mind that where ever you hide your money you always first think will it become dirty or smelly? So if you think it will get dirty or smelly you should insulate it fist with some kind insulator.


Friday, 3 March 2017

10 Crazy and Badass People

10. Leap of Faith. From 0:00
09. Risky Rides. From 0:12
08. Insane Swing. From 0:35
07. Playing Catch. From 1:03 [ WOW! this one seems awesome to me. Catching tennis ball while floating in the air, how awesome is that.]
06. Out of Control. From 1:29 [ Almost died]
05. Ski Training (Skiing with the help of a train). From 1:46
04. Edge Rider. From 2:21 [ Seems pretty scary though]
03. Epic Parasailing. From 2:42
02. Balance Act (on the crane)
01. Roof Jump. From 3:32

Best comments:
* [What we really need to know is how many of these people are still alive today.]
* [No brain No pain.] Or maybe I should add no pain no gain.
* [Yep, it's all fun until someone dies or ends up paralysed from the neck down] True I think the last guy broke his leg, I saw one of his last video on his channel.