Monday, 31 July 2017

Why do I see same ad which ever site I visit

Did you ever notice that no matter which site go you keep seeing the same advertisements? Well, it happened to many times. So I was kind thinking wow what's wrong with this ad? Is it following me or something? Then I came across this video and found out, yes some ads do follow you where ever you go and it's called Remarketing.

It's actually an option for advertisers who want to grab those people who once came to their site but didn't buy anything, so they want go after them to convince them to come back. LOL In my view point, it seems like those advertisers do this are like those cheap vendors who keep trying to sell you something even though you don't want it. And then they keeps following you where ever you go.

I don't know why advertisers even want to go for this cheap way of targeting people. I think many times instead of going back if he (visitor) finds then most likely he will be pissed off. Watch the video from 7:57 for more explanations.


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Websites content reader online

Are you tired of reading, do you get bored after reading few lines of news or an article? Does wall of writing put you off? If so then you have come to the right place for the solution.

Well, let me tell you a background story to understand this even better. Recently I've noticed that many people don't even stay for even one second on my posts which contains too much writings.

The reason maybe either my posts are shitty and useless or they can't be bothered reading too much. I hope it maybe the second reason, even I myself can't be bothered reading too much of writings. So the solution is very simple. If you have a Google Chrome (which most people use nowadays) then just add the extension called speakit.

I hope it helps. If it does then feel free to share with your friends.. Thanks


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Best judge ever!

The women got ticket for parking between 8-10. She actually parked here car at 9:59:58 just two seconds difference. Some people say rules are rules and some say that some people have less commonsense.

Best comments:

1. I'm really annoyed. Waste of tax payers time/money. Some idiot actually gave her a ticket.

2. Spend hundreds of dollars to process a ticket for 2 seconds that ended up getting dismissed.

3. This is where our tax money goes too, ridiculous!!!

4. Cop that wrote the ticket and wasted that lady's time and the courts time should have his control freak card revoked.

5. would be funny too if judge sentence her in jail for 2 seconds also lol.

6. Great...a Judge with common sense...and a sense of humor.  Tax money for his salary is well spent.

Friday, 14 July 2017

$200,000 Selfie Domino Disaster

Well, according to the uploader of this video above " This took place at my mate Simon Birch's art installation The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, when a lady tried to crouch down and pose in front of a pillar holding a sculpture to take a picture. She accidentally leant on it and the rest is history... $200,000 worth of art destroyed"

See, selfie can be very dangerous. Many people have drowned, fallen from cliff and some even got hefty lawsuit. Although I'm not really fond of an art and think it's just a thing which people just made the price up that high. Actually who cares something made out of mud or wood 1000 years ago. How does it help us in real life? Yes, it can be something and we can get some knowledge from but once we found it took picture of then made 3d scanning and made a replica of it, done. Keep the actual art peace in somewhere safe if you think it's that precious. Why do you have to make so highly priced?

Top comments:

1. Fortunately it was just art, and nothing of any actual value was damaged. [ Someone said "Art does have value" and he replied by saying ] True, art made of metal still has scrap value for example. Wooden art can be sold to power stations as fuel... Lots of value. [LoL that was epic]

2. Staged event to draw attention to rubbish artist!

3. $200k!?! By who's over inflated ego is this kindergarten paper mache worth more than a few pesos!?! This is the sort of thing that has made modern "art" a big joke.

4. I don't blame the woman. first of all, that stuff doesn't look worth that much and it's not interesting, second, could've put it behind glass or something. this way anyone can touch it and accidents are bound to happen lol.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sometimes You have to show that you worth something

Well, I'm feeling quite good after rejecting a customer to keep the shop open for few more minutes then the closing time of the shop, and here is the reason why I did that. The customer was begging to keep the shop open for few minute so she can bring someone and get  the thing she wants. I said why don't you come tomorrow? She said the other person will not be here tomorrow because they are going abroad.

Well, you maybe thinking I don't have a heart, what would have happened if I stayed for few minutes. To answer the question let me explain a bit how my behavior has changed over time, and it's all because of the behavior of customers and my wage.

See if I wanted I could have stayed there but what would have happened.

1. That customer would come and look for the thing, and if they didn't find the thing they wanted they would go without buying anything. Is this case means I would have stayed there for nothing. Of course you will say I would get my wage which I'll talk about later.

2. If they had found their stuff and bought it, what would have happened? Well, in this case my boss would get most of the money because it is his shop and that's why of course most of the profit would go to him. And on the other hand he wouldn't have given me a single extra penny above the fixed rate (The fixed rate is divided into 1 hour = 60 minutes.), that means he would have given my wage by calculating down to the last minute. So I wouldn't get any bonus money for staying back, and the customer wouldn't know this and they wouldn't even remember the favor I did for them by staying late.

I did this kind of favors for many customers but in return I didn't get anything, neither from the customers nor from my boss. In about 7 years I have seen only 2 customers have mercy on me and gave some tips. Imagine in these 7 years I might have dealt with tens of thousands of customers and within them only 2 were kind enough to give me some tips. And you were probably thinking at the beginning that I'm a heartless person. Please stop judging people before knowing the true reason.


Friday, 7 July 2017

Most ridiculous fine ever! $2.7 billion?

By watching the video above you probably already found out that EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced a record breaking antitrust fine against tech giant Google.

Ok, let me make it clear first, I'm not an expert in law and stuff but as a normal person I want to know few things here. And I think any normal person who has some brain and thinks logically might agree with this. So she want's to fine Google $2.7 billion because it showed items of big competitors at the top of its search results.

My question is that is Google privet property or public property?

Of course it's a privet property. So, let's say you have a website and hundreds of millions of people come to your site to get benefit from it. And of course everyone thinks of their own benefits first, as the visitors think the same (it's human nature). So of course you going to show all those things first which gives you the most benefits. He will be the dumbest person who puts things at the front which doesn't help him. To be successful you always choose the things that benefits you the most. Don't you?

So in this case Google did the exact same thing which any normal or who wants to be successful person would do. So why would anyone be bothered to interfere in this. If you want to put your products at top of search result then pay for it. You can't get free promotions everywhere, can you?

Another thing you might say, Goggle came to Europe so when it came in it should be regulated with European laws.

Well, people who don't know how internet works would think like this. First of all you don't need to go to a country to show things on your site. For example: You are searching for a picture (which saved on a computer in UAS). So when you send a request to that computer, it reads the query and then gives you access to that particular picture. So now you tell me if Google saves all its data in USA then what can you do about it? You are the one who are going there not Google coming to you. I know you might say Google has savers in Europe too. Well, that maybe true but do you really know what kind of data Google saves in there? If it does save some data, but you can't regulate all its data because it has saved some data in Europe. Can you?

What about Google's specific sites for specific countries, doesn't is save data of that country in that specific country? For example: for Germany and is for UK.

Well, another stupid question again. It's just a domain name, it doesn't need to be in that specific country.  All the texts, images and videos maybe saved in another country.

Do they really care about small cogitator?
It is a good question. As I've experienced myself. If you are a small and unknown guy trying to start a business and you don't have someone known in the top level in the market then it's most likely that those are at the top will treat you like piece of sh*t. And they will do what ever they can (by incising prices and stuffs) to put you down, so that you don't even start a business in the first place forget about competing them. Where is the antitrust law there?

Forget about my failure in starting business because of the so many ridiculous laws plus the whole sellers who knowingly put prices high for me, so I though it will be better to be a slave for whole life than start a business. By the way here is one example I would like to give about a medium size businessman. Even he's got pressured by people who are even higher than him. He used to sell perfumes which are similar to the original like Tom Ford Oud Wood, Creed Aventus and all that by naming them "alternative to", but people came to him and said you are not even allowed to do that if you do then those people owns the name can sue you. So over here you can clearly see by buying the name they can sue any body even if they say it's not the real one but alternative one.

I'm not saying there shouldn't be any copyright laws, but just saying that what's wrong with naming them "alternative to"? People know that it's not real so it won't be the same smell anyway. If your perfume is so good and customers can afford the price then of course people will buy yours. You just want to charge what ever amount of money you want and if you people can't afford it and go to the alternative ones you want sue the seller so that you can get the easy extra money as well?
By the way by giving this example I wanted to show that it seems like antitrust is just a name otherwise how come these top level people controlling the market and no one say any sh*t.

Will this lady give money to the small competitors if she wins?
I highly doubt she will give the money to the unknown competitors. It seems like those money will definitely go to her pocket and pockets of those who are with her at the top. They don't have any useful work to do beside come up with some ridiculous ideas like this and rob billions of dollars for and just by naming that they are with poor people.

I'm saying it again, these are only my thoughts and I just wanted the meaningful answers.


Thursday, 6 July 2017

This why you find your stuff missing from your suitcase

After watching the video above I'm sure 99.99% won't feel secure about having a suitcase with zip on. That's because you can very easily open almost any zip with just a ball point pen. You just need to push the pen in between the teeth and it will open up very easily. Many people think about the lock but in reality the most weak point is the zip itself.

So if anyone want's to steal something they can just drag the zip with the lock to one side and then open it with the pen and the close it with zip again. After that you might get happy by looking at lock but you never know that your valuable stuffs has gone. :(


Top comments:
  1. That pisses me off, no wonder why my hand grenades always went missing when i got home. Now i know why!
  2. When I went to Africa they stole my anti tank mines. Bastards.
  3. They will now steal your entire suit case lol.
  4. Well, now the starving Africans COULDN'T have eaten that hand grenade.
  5.  If they see a case like that with locks like that...they will definitely just take the whole case. [Maybe talking about the last one.]
  6. Its a good thing that you shared this video so that every fucking scum bag can be educated on how to properly brake in YOUR SHIT!
Please don't take all the comments seriously, if you are regular visitor then you probably already know I try collect some funny or informative comments so that you can have some  fun or take some lessons from them.


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Prank’ gone horribly wrong and led to fatal shooting

As we know many of us try to get famous quickly, because with the fame we can get money and luxury life and stuff. So you probably already have seen many people do crazy stunts and pranks. And some of the stunts and pranks really don't go according to the plan, and that's exact what has happened to this young guy called Pedro Ruiz III.

According to socialblade "Pedro Ruiz III, 22, was fatally shot by his girlfriend Monalisa Perez, 19, when a prank went horribly wrong. They Minnesota-based couple were to film a video in which Perez would fire a bullet towards Ruiz, which they believed would be stopped by an intervening book. Their assumptions were proven incorrect, when the bullet passed through the book and into Ruiz’ chest."

It seems like this couple were living a decent life but why they tried to go for that crazy prank I don't really get it. Well although I feel sorry for the guy who wanted the views which he's getting after his death. :(

Top comments:
  • She became a shooting star.
  • Why not just read the book?
  • You know what would have been a good idea ? Do a test with the gun and the book Without your boyfriend behind it first !
  • And the the moral of the story is that books are for reading
  • And now you killed your children's father just to get more views on youtube. Awesome job. Hope you can explain this to your children.