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Thursday, October 19, 2017

This might be one of the reasons why people play blue whale

Well, I won't say anything and let the chat above explain you. I've just shared this for fun and I think many people have fun reading this kind of stuffs. I'm sure this will not get much attention but if it ever gets viral then please don't download the pictures and share them. You can share this page link but not the pictures. Thanks

This is the statistic of that video which seems like YouTube just scrapped it and thrown in the garbage bin.

This can be a lesson for those people who want to start YouTube and sh*t. You may work hard to make videos or other contents but the earnings is not guaranteed at all. If you are lucky enough you might get some money, but only few people are lucky enough to go up and earn huge sum of money. Plus YouTube algorithm is just bullsh*t. They have thrown another video of mine like this long time ago and never recommended to anyone thereafter. So I'm sure this one will be same and will nver get recommended again. :(

Some of you might think, well they might have done this became most people didn't wanted to watch it in the first place and found it boring.

I think It's not about the watch time, because that video got 93.47% watch time by comparison of the views. Here is how you can work it out. Divide 100 > 12,774 (views) x 11,941 (watch time) =93.47%. So to say people didn't watch it is not completely nonsense.

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