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Saturday, October 12, 2019

How to download CSV file for eBay orders the old format (2019)

Recently eBay's new updates causing trouble for big time eBay sellers. They are finding quite difficult to adjust with the new system. Quite lot of time the requested orders are not downloading on time, plus the csv files are coming with different layout, so their printers stopped working properly.

I've seen many big sellers asking for help in the eBay community posts but they are not getting the answers they want and useless eBay customer service are not helping them either. I know these giant companies earning billions of ££££ but they don't want to spend few pounds in helping the customers, instead they made this self helping platform called eBay community so that people help each other without them paying anything.

Anyway here is how you can download the orders with old layout. First go to the page called and then from the drop down menu choose which orders you want to download and what time range. And then click Save. It will send a download link to your provided email.

Now you can download the order file by clicking the link in your email or by clicking Completed downloads (under the Download section) on same page as you can see in the picture above. When you click on the Completed downloads you will see all the requested download links and when they have been requested.

I hope this helps you. Thanks for visiting.

How to download CSV file for orders awaiting dispatch? File Exchange Downloads Not Working. How to download old format CSV file of eBay orders.

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