People are selfish!

Hi, I hope you are well.

Please do not think I'm looking for handouts here. At the moment I'm desperately looking for a job, but unfortunate I can't find any.  So I thought why not ask people online if they have any job for me. I'm quite good at Photoshop and illustrator, so I can work with photo related jobs like listed below.

:: Image enhancement
:: Photo Retouch
:: Color correction
:: flyers /Brochure design/ Banner design/Label Design
:: Business Cards
:: Photoshop
:: Background Removal/White Background or Transparent Background
:: Watermark Removal
:: Photo Editing
:: Photo Cropping & Resize
:: Image Optimization for Web
:: Image Manipulation
:: Logo Tracing
:: Crop images from PDF file and save to JPG
:: Data Entry
:: Photo Restoration
:: Old image Repair

and much more... Specially if you have online store and you want to edit the products to look nice and presentable than please do contact me one Facebook ( I know it's Facebook page but if you leave a message I'll get back to you). Please have a look at some of my works below.

Slicing up a Shoe: to be used for customization.

Colour Cast Removal:

Colour Changing:

Background Removal And Colour Change:

Object Removal:

Teeth Whitening:

I've tried on, but it's too competitive. The system plus the people don't give a chance to new user most of the time so many freelancers close their accounts almost immediately as they start.  

I'll be very grateful to you if you let me do some of your jobs. I won't charge you as many people do and my receiving payment method will be PayPal so you know you are not going to get scammed. Why would I scam you anyway. I'll complete the job and show you, once you are happy then you pay me and take your stuffs, simple. 

The other day I saw a project where someone wanted to get an animated gif made, so I bade on it with the cheapest amount (£10.00) most of that would've taken by anyway still I thought let me do it, at least I'll get a review (because reviews matters on freelancer very much). Yet I didn't get the project, because that person might have thought well let me throw £50.0 away and give this project to someone who has 100+ reviews. After seeing that I don't really feel sorry for that dumb guy. I don't really understand that those people don't trust the reviewers individually, yet when they leave a review on someone else, that (the review of that unknown guy) becomes trustworthy. How, how, how? 

Anyway please think about it, and if you think you know someone who needs help then please feel free to share this with him/her. I highly appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.


What a shame! I wrote this in December 2020 and yet not a single human came forward for help. I just lost hope on people. :(

People are so selfish. They come here, get the help and go on their way and can't be bothered helping me.

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