Traffboost Reviews

TraffBoost Reviews

Hi there, as you might already know that when I write a review of something I try to cover both sides good and bad so that you get the best idea what to do next. So in this post I want to write something about today, if you don't know what traffboost is then let me explain a bit.

It is a traffic exchange website where you get points when you visit a website and then use those points to get visitors for your own websites and if you don't want to visit any website then you can buy the points as well.

Note: Keep in mind you can only get visitors on traffboost no other social activities  for example Facebook shares, likes, Google+, Youtube subscribers and so on.

Features that I liked  

1. Assigning your points 
You can assign what ever amount of points you want, you can even assign down to 1 point as well.

2. Rotating your links
Your link will rotate again and again untill you run out of your points even though you just assign 1 point for a link but if you want to have more visitors then I think it is better to assign as much as you can because if do that you'll get more visitors plus your link could be listed in "Top-10 Websites were Visited in last 24hrs" which everyone can see it and they might  as well visit your site too so you'll get extra visitors. 

3. Back links
When you log in, on your right hand side you'll see "Top-10 Newest Backlinks" that shows your link could be listed there too if you could send some visitors through your website.

4. Iframe
when someone clicks on your link a window pops up with timer it doesn't close automatically untill he clicks on the cross, so if someone finds something interesting on your site then they can stay longer.

5. Search a content of your choice
You can even search for a content that you like for example "weight loss" search it you'll find lot of articles on that click on which ever you like and get the point plus read your favourite article.

The things I didn't like in TraffBoost.

1. The first thing I didn't like at all is that in the title it says "Boost up your website traffic in just 1 minute!" but I think that doesn't happen at all, I don't understand why they say that?

2. Another thing is that they say "Refer your friends to TraffBoost to earn up to 500 points" but if someone signs up through your link they might say sorry you can't get points because the person signed up  is inactive, as you can see first they saying "Refer your friends to TraffBoost to earn up to 500 points" without mentioning active and inactive in it, but when someone signs up then they bring active and inactive issue and who knows how many people they hide too.

3. Adding links
 You can add 10 links at a time and if you want to add more then you have to delete some of your links. 

In case if you don't know how to delete your links on traffboost, here is the way to do it.
Go to "My websites" >> click on the link you would like to delete >> then click on "Delete this website" which you can find bottom left hand side, right  opposite of "Update".

Would you like to try it out click here to visit traffboost.


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