Self-checkouts vs cashiers (Old vs Young)

Before I say something let me share some top comments.

  • Faster for me, cheaper for them, and I don't even have to talk to people. It's so perfect.

  • This is the pettiest thing I’ve ever seen lmaooo

  • I prefer self service, really. I like having more control over how I pack my bags, and how I pour my drinks. For me , it is all about control.

  • All these old people literal the reason "OK boomer" exists

  • God forbid you pump your own gas

  • "Millennials are lazy" - says the cranky old ladies who are too lazy to pump their own gas

  • You're paying for the products, not the person you're being abusive to serving you

  • Bonnie is the type of person who will complain on anything and everything. Someone who you do not want to be in front of you at the checkout line. Good thing there's self checkouts to avoid her ^_^

Well, as you can see many young people are very happy about the Self-checkouts and feeling pretty bad for the old lady. I think the lady is kind of right, although I like new technology but too much of it could be very bad thing. As the lady said, there used to be discount for pumping gas on your own and that's because there used to be someone who pumped gas for you, but slowly they took the discount off as well. So in this case people lost jobs and they are making us do that job without any pay.  

Those people who always love new tech (try to be up to date) and don't think about the consequences then they shouldn't cry about something like privacy and stuffs.  The other day I was checking my banking app and I got freaked out when I saw how much power they have and I have no choice other then accept it. They got permission of my microphone (so anytime they can listen to me), permission of my Wi-Fi (any time they can turn it on), they can see my text message list (why the f do they need to see my text messages for?), they can access to my photo gallery (so they can take any of my picture and steal it). So this is just for one app, imagine what will happen if you download 10-15 apps.

These uneducated Young people literally destroying social structure through their ignorance, no wonder we are seeing so many jobless and homeless people around the world.The rich people are getting stinky richer and poor people are getting poorer and poorer. Don't worry this system won't last very long when people won't be able to afford to by anything then everything will fall crashing down. 

At the end let me share another video which I hope you can learn something from it, and if you don't want to learn then one day you will have to but at that time you will learn it the hard way.

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