This is the reason why rich people getting richer and poor people are getting poorer?

As you can see in the video that the factory owner is furious about his investments and what he does for the factory so he deserves all the benefits. 

Well if you think logically he is kind of right, but mostly he is wrong and who ever think like him are the same. When I went through comment section and saw how many people are taking the side of the factory owner, shocked me. Then I thought, hmmm, no wonder we are having so many problems everywhere. If the factory owner think like that and many of the other people (who are not in the place of the labor) then of course we will have problems, and that's why the factory owner will gather billions and the labours will go hungry. 

To make it clear let me give you an example. Well, before I give you the example let me use his own logic and see how stupid it sounds. He said he has invested heavily and he has other responsibilities, well if so why does he even need a labour then? Why can't he do everything with his machines and let his investors do the work too. He has done everything, yet he needs some labours. What does that mean? That means labours are equally important as his machines are. Without machines labours won't have job and without labours machines can't finish the job, if the job is not completed, he can invest trillions and I guarantee you, nothing will happen. And the factory owner don't even have simple understanding that he's willing to give everything that his machines need (electricity and accessories) yet he doesn't want to give what the labours need, if he did then the labours wouldn't ask him the question (it's a simple logic). 

Coming to the example that how immoral people like him are, they want to use us (labours) as slaves. Someone (a guy who work as a car mats sewer) told someone that his boss thinks he's (the boss) losing money by giving him minimum wage so it's better for him to give the sewer $0.60 a set (a set mostly includes 4 mats ) so that he (the boss) can save some money. My question is where his saving goes when he pays $3.00+ or maybe $4.00+ to Amazon and eBay? That guy doing the hard work of complex sewing and someone in the middle like Amazon, eBay and government taking 5-6 times more, yet the boss is happy to give them but he thinks he's paying too much to the labour. Really! What kind of nonsense is that!! 

In this example you can clearly see who is making the most. Imagine if the sewer didn't sew, would the boss, eBay or Amazon and government get anything? I think the middleman making the most without much work, and they are the beneficiaries. Government should crack down on them for making people's life harder. Well it seems like government is also on their side, because government charges too much taxes in everything and do you think the companies will give that from their own pockets? So, main problem is the government and then the middleman and then greedy bosses.

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