Monday, 26 February 2018

How to delete a group on Viber

If you have got a new phone or newly installed Viber then you might face this problem that someone has added you in group which you don't want to join, yet you don't really know how you can get out of it. Don't worry in this post you'll know how easily you can delete a Viber group and get out of it.

Here are the step by step guide.

Step1: Click on the group that you want to delete.

Step2: Click on the menu (3 dots at the top right hand corner).

Step3: Click on the Chat Info.
Step4: Click on the Leave and Delete.
Step5: After completing step4 you will see a pop up message and then at the bottom you will see the option Leave and Delete. Just click on that, and that's it. You are done!

Saturday, 10 February 2018


It's sad to see that many people are dying to have few dollars to have a meal to survive for one more day (Even today I saw a homeless person shivering in the cold sitting on the wet ground, a cup of cold tea next to him waiting for help. I gave him few dollars and he was so happy. I know that's not much but for me that's all I could afford to give him, ) and some people just waste thousands of dollars for views. which equal more money because many sheep will watch that video and that will bring more money to him and he will waste more money in silly things to grab more people's attention. Really sad to see people wasting money like that.