33 Answers of Most Searched Questions About Markiplier

1. What is markiplier real name?
    Answer: Mark Edward Fischbach.

2. What is markiplier's catchphrase?
    Answer: "I say f*** a lot, that might be my catchphrase" _Markiplier.

3. What is markiplier's favorite game?
    Answer: He doesn't really play games on his own casually anymore, he likes board games now.

4.  What is markiplier's favorite food?
     Answer: Chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel.

5.  What is markiplier's religion?
     Answer: He is not religious but he doesn't consider himself to be fully atheist either.

6.  What is markiplier's net worth?
     Answer: "Less than what the estimate say, but way way more than what I deserve" _Markiplier.

7.  What is markiplier's zodiac sign?
     Answer: He doesn't know.

8.  What does markiplier mean?
     Answer: It doesn't mean anything. It's multiplier with his name in front of it.

9.  What is markiplier like in real life?
     Answer: "I'm nice! I like spending personal time with people. I like getting to know people. That's more personal to me and that more important to me." _Markiplier.

10.  What music does markiplier listen to?
       Answer: He didn't used to listen to the music, but now his favorite band is Here come the mummies.

11.  What is markiplier real hair color?
       Answer: Black

12.  What is markiplier afraid of?
       Answer: Mannequins, failure and trypophobia (a fear of irregular patterns of holes).

13.  What breed is lucy markiplier?
       Answer: N/C

14.  Why did markiplier have surgery?
       Answer: Before he did YouTube he had a tumor in his adrenal glands, so first surgery was to remove that. And the other surgery he had while having YouTube was that he had scar tissue adhered to his intestines so it blocked up and had to get that removed.

15.  Why did markiplier dropout of college?
       Answer: Because of YouTube

16.  Why was markiplier's first channel banned?
       Answer: YouTube thought he was abusing AdSense system although didn't even monetize his channel at that time. 

17.  Why can't markiplier drink alcohol?
       Answer: Fear of heart attack.

18.  Why does markiplier have a pink mustache?
       Answer: He did a sketch with Wilford Warfstache. People loved the sketch so it became part of the symbol.

19.  Why is markiplier king of fnaf?
       Answer: Because he said so.

20.  Why is markiplier taking a break?
       Answer: He got tired of making too many videos and not enjoying making them. 

21.  Who drew markiplier's icon?
       Answer: He forgot.

22.  Who edits markiplier's videos?
       Answer: Current editor is Alexian.

23.  Who was markiplier's first subscriber?
       Answer: His friend Michelle.

24.  What is markiplier e
       Answer: It was a joke.

25.  Who is henry markiplier?
       Answer: His girlfriend's dog.

26.  Who killed markiplier explanation?
       Answer: He himself.

27.  Is markiplier good at fortnite?
       Answer: Better than people think, but he is not that good talking and playing at the same time.

28.  Is markiplier going on tour?
       Answer: He doesn't like tour life.
29.  Is markiplier in space?
       Answer: No

30.  Is markiplier John Wick
       Answer: No

31.  Is markiplier liberal?
       Answer: Yes

32.  Is markiplier vegan?
       Answer: No, he loves meat.

33.  Is markiplier done with YouTube?
       Answer: No


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