Sunday, 3 April 2016

How to get link of youtube videos on mobile phones

Someone came up to me today and he was asking about how could he download YouTube video or download as an audio track, so that he can listen on his HiFi. After I've explained to him everything, he seems a bit confused and he told me "Sorry I'm not into these things so could you please download it for me?".

I said ok I can do it for you but I need the specific link which you want to listen.
He said "How do you do that?" Well, after showing him I thought why not make a post so that other people can get benefit too. Even though it's very easy but some people don't know how to do it, so any way let's see how you can get the link.

Step 1:
Go to the video that you want to get or share the link. Click on the share link (curve arrow) as you can see in the picture below.

Step 2:
Remember you can share via viber, whatsapp or any other app that you've installed but in this case we are trying to save the link, so click on the Copy to clipboard then paste in the Memo or any other app that you've installed. I use ColorNote and I've found it very useful.

Then you will see something like this.  This is the link, but when you watch a youtube video you usually see link like this so any way that's how you get a youtube link on your phone.

This tip is for Android phones I'm not sure about any other phones.


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