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This video will always inspire us!

In my eyes every human being is talented in some way, but not everyone can show their talents because of luck of means. And some of the talents go wasted because they don't get the support at the right time.

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I'm really heartbroken to say that from now on (02-05-2017) I'm thinking not to update this page and probably won't come up with new Arduino posts any more, and won't reply to any comments asking for help about Arduino. And that's because I've noticed that most Arduino posts visitors use ad-blocker to view the post without seeing any ads so it (Arduino posts) doesn't help me at all.  By the way no body wants to waste time and energy for nothing in return. Think about this, would you work hard for something that you can't get anything in return? You can still comment on the post so that other people might find interesting and give reply to you.

The links you will see from here up are, all will be just sketches and won't be explained. The reason had already been said and to prove that I might be a poor guy but that doesn't mean I'm a worthless piece of sh*t as some might think.

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