Boost visitors for your website

Hi, in this post you'll find out how you can boost website traffic for your website or blog.

1. Writing too many different articles
You should have lot of articles on your website or blog. If you don't have lot of different articles on your site then don't worry keep reading.

2. Promoting sites
Find a website which promotes other websites. For example TraffBoost, linkcollider or cashcamel. The first two websites can give your website a free boost but you may have to spend some money on third one. But I'm sure they'll give your site a good boost.

Note: If you want to put adsense on your site then it is better not to use these sites. Because some sites are not good for adsense they (adsense) might black list your website. It is always bettre to make your site popular first then put adsense.

3. Dropping your links
Post your links to other blogs, websites, and share them on social media but make sure you don't spam. Spamming is not a good idea and people hate spammers. Instead what you can do is that if you see an article which is similar to yours. But not fully explained, then you can say in the comments section. That "I've seen an article which explains more about this topic" and post your link. That's how people won't get offended and you'll get visitors too.

4. Don't like to share by yourself
If you don't like to  share on social media by your self  then you can use sites like "linkcollider" that will share it for you.
Note: Use link collider wisley. Because sometime you might loose too much tokens if you spend in wrong place read my article Link collider review (with issues).

5. Using hashtags
Using hashtag on Google+ , Facebook and Twitter gives your site an extra boost in  CEO ranking. Google picks up hashtags very quickly plus other people see your post as well on social media.

That's it, try this out and I'm sure it'll definitely work for you. :)


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