Easy way to replace arduino libraries in new IDE

Have you just installed Arduino IDE on a new PC or laptop and you thinking how your old sketches will work on your new PC?

Don't worry, in this post I'm going to show you a straight forward and simple way to relace your new libraries with the old one so that what ever library you've put in the old one can be found in the new one. After doing this you won't have to worry about copying and pastting every single library one by one all over again.
Note: This is only for the Arduino libraries not for any other files for example if have written something then save the as an example in the old IDE then you might have have to replace the examples folder too.

Where can you find library folder?
Well it's very easy, first go to your C: drive then look for program files (where you find all the programs installed on your PC) then open Arduino folder there you will find the libraries folder if you are using windows 8 then you copy this C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino paste in the address bar of any folder it will take you to your destination.

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