How to create clickable link in a blogspot comment

I've seen many people trying to post a comment with a clickable link on my posts, either they want to promote their websites or they want to refer to a site which explains more about that subject, which I don't mind them leaving the link on my posts. But remember I don't like people try to promote their site excessively, in that case it will be considered as a spam and unfortunately I'll have to delete it.

Any way coming to the main point, how can you make clickable link on blogger? Well, it's simple just use normal html hyperlink code like the code below.
  • <a href="">Amazingtips247</a>
  • Remember to copy the code above from beginning to the end.
  • Replace the link ( with the link that you want.
  • Remember to name the link (>Amazingtips247<) accordingly. 
That's all for this tip, I hope you've liked i.

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