How to fix sound problem in windows 8

Few weeks ago I had a sound problem in my laptop (which runs on windows 8) but I could not think of any fault, so I thought let me just restart the laptop and see what happens. So I've re started the laptop and the sound came back. I said wao that was pretty easy!! But unfortunately it happened again yesterday and I thought last time I restarted the laptop and it started working. So why not do the same thing again. Then I have restarted the laptop, but didn't work. Did it again still didn't work. When I saw it is not working at all, then I did the final check up which you can see below.

Step1: Go to the control panel.

Step2: Click on Hardware and Sound

Step3: Click on Device Manager. You can Skip the first two steps just by searching "Device Manager" straight in the window's search engine.


Step4: Click on the arrow next to the speaker logo, then right click on the Conexant SmartAudio HD and then click Update Driver software.

Now it will download and install the driver from the Internet (if it's out of date) and when it's successfully updated it will show a box where it says "Do you want to restart your computer now?" you just need to restart the computer.

That's all  I did and my sound is back on track. :)

If you find this problem suddenly then Restart you PC by selecting the option "Restart" when you turn you PC off. It will solve the problem automatically.


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