What makes spammers to spam?

Well, after reading too many spam comments I thought my self, why do people spam and what make them write these spam comments?

After thinking about it for some time I kind of got the reason behind it (spam) and solution to get around it.

The reason behind the spamming is: 
Most of us has got a goal in our life and that ultimate goal is *Pleasure*.  We can see very clearly that 99.99% of us don't want to be get hurt  or go through hardships without any reward.

You probably think that why did I say pleasure and not success, even though people are running after success and fighting for it.

Well that's right my friend, but over here I'm talking about the enjoyment and pleasure you get after success. 
Let me give you an example. If someone says to you that if you pass your driving test, you will be ban from driving for ever. Will you go for the driving test? No, I don't think so. On the other hand (without the ban statement) you get so much benefits and enjoyments after the passing your driving test, and because of this benefits and enjoyments people go through so much hardships. 

You will get many more examples like this but any way coming to the point. So even spammers have goals, and they want to enjoy their lifes too. 
But how can they do that? 
Well, they need money of course. 
And how will the money come? 
It needs to have some kind of source, and that source is online spamming (if they are looking for money online). There are many ways of spamming online but one of them is dragging visitors to their websites. 

How do they do it?
They drag visitors by posting comments and leaving links with it, it doesn't matter to them that the comment they leaving is actually going with the article or not. They know someone will definitely click on that link and that's the main purpose of putting the link.

Solving the problem:
If you (spammers) think carefully, you can solve this unwanted spamming problem with few simple ideas.
  • Collaborating with other bloggers and website owners.
  • List of link. You can spare some space on your site and put all the links of collabrators' sites and they can do the same, so if any visitor finds something interesting they will visit other sites from yours and at the same way you will get visitors from other sites.
  • Rotating links. Well, if can't afford space for a list then you can put a rotating script which will rotate one or two links every time someone visits the site or refreshes the page.
  • Writing an article and share it with others. In this one what you can do is that write an full article and give it the other website owner and tell him to link with your site. In this way you will get visitors too.

  • Buy visitors. I know you might not like this option but think about it, if you don't like the free options above then why can't you buy visitors and stop annoying other people.
 I hope this will help you to stop spamming on other sites. :)

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