Monkey is desperate for beer and people are not finding funny at all!

Posted by Funk You on Friday, 1 April 2016

This video is going viral where a monkey seems like desperate to have some beer, and it's not clear that is he doing that because he is thirsty, addicted to beer or someone made it to act like that. But it is pretty clear that most people are not happy at all.

Let's read some the comments:
Steve Virag You sick fucked up person how about I chain you up and pour beer down your throat? Scum of the earth the guy on camera May God punish you all you heartless bastards!

James Cook This is not funny at all. The monkey is tied up by the tail, is being teased and given alcohol to drink. These men deserve to be punished, this is cruel.

Nikki McNeal Eickholt I would kick someones ass for teasing my dog like that ! What kinda person treats an animal like that - poor thing is probably hungry / thirsty chained up all the time - not coo

Well, someone even demanded to take the video down.

Pricilla Sanchez Take this video down. It is not funny what so ever. This poor monkey needs to be free. And for the guy who's giving the beer, let me chain you up and see if you like it and record it as well.

Well, It is sad to see a chained up monkey's been given beer to drink, but why the most people are angry on the cameraman? He could be just a normal guy who made this video to let us know what's going on. How would you know about this action if he didn't make a video if it? At least made people aware that what's going on.

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