How to prevent WhatsApp from using up your mobile data

It really hurts when you have a low budget data for your mobile and you wake up in the morning and see all or most of your data has been used up and you don't really know how.

Well, you don't need to worry about it from now on, because I think we have found the loop hole here. If you have whatsApp installed on your phone and someone sends pictures, videos, audios or any other heavey load documents then the WhatsApps downloads it automatically and that's how you loose your data unless you stop it from downloading it automacally.

Below is a step by step guied to how you can stopp it from downloading it automatically and it will only download when you want to.

Click on the menue (3 dots top right hand corner).
Click on the "Settings".
Click on "Data usage".
Now you will see few options here, for example. "When using mobile data", When connected to Wi-Fi" and "When roaming". Click on "When using mobile data".
Finally just uncheck the boxes and click "OK", that's it you are done. Now WhatsApp will not download a single image, audio, video, or document until you click on it to download.

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