Why people do negative stuffs to get attention

As we know so many people get angry when they see someone doing something evil, but have you ever thought what is making them doing that? Well,  this video is the perfect example of that. Where a guy doing a social experiment "No more homeless" and "Help the homeless".

His final score was:

No more homelss Help the homeless
19 People approached him and 19 out of 19 stayed to talk to him. He personally had to aproach (noone came to him) 36 people and 34 out of 36 said no and walked away.

So it seems like people are the real reson why other people do evil and horrible stuffs. It's sad that people say something and do something els. :(

Let's see some comments now:

* People are so pissed about bad things happening to the homeless, but then they dont do shit to help, they are annoyed by people trying to help.. make up your mind people damn!

* I like how everyone wants to play the hero, but not really make a move if you understand.

* If I was walking and saw you holding help the homeless sign I would have signed. Seeing homeless people on the side of the road makes me sad. Homeless people need more attention then they get. Now if I could help a homeless person I would.

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