How to hide pop up messages on screen in Samsung s5?

Well, recently I have updated my Android version to 5.1.1 in my Samsung s5 mini. Although I don't usually like to update operating systems because once I get used to of something I don't like to change it and the other thing is that they say they do better but many people like the old version the most.

Even though I liked few thing in the new version but I had to go through some difficulties. Anyway coming to the main point, after installing new version it said it will be better if I choose pop messages to be appear on my locked screen. I thought ok let's see what happens, then when I saw that if someone sends a message anyone can see the message without unlocking the screen. I thought what's the point locking the screen then?

So I was going through the new system and it took me pretty long time to find out and here it is.
  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Sounds and notifications.
  3. (Scroll down) Notifications on lock screen.

If you are going trough the same situation then this might help you.

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