Best text to speech app I've ever found

If you have reach here by searching then you probably don't like to  reading much, and you are right how much can a person read. Well, nowadays people are too busy in social media sites and apps, and don't have time to read much particularly when you see a wall of text front of you.

So in this post I'll show you an android app which is really helpful and I have used it myself and found amazing. The app is called @Voice Aloud Reader. 1 million downloads! If the app is not good enough then why would hundreds of thousands of people download it?

Helpful features:
  • After opening the app if you go to any website and just copy any text it will automatically read it out loud for you.
  • You can save the text as an audio format.
  • After opening the app if you go to google and search something then click on the link and copy it, it will read the whole page (the link you tried to go).
  • You can save links to hear them afterwards.
  • You can listen to full page.
  • Well, there are some more features but these are the most useful I thought which you might need quite often.
How can you hear the full page?
First go to the page that you want to listen to. Then click on the menu (3 dots) >> Then click Share after that you will see two icons of @Voice Aloud Reader. One for add to the list to listen to it afterwards and another is to listen to it straight away, choose which ever you would like to do.

How to save the text as an audio?
If you want t save the texts as an audio file then >> Open the app >> click on the menu (3 dots) >> click Record sound file >> Check the box says Record sound file the next time I press the "Play" button. That's it, now if you go back and press the "Play" button it will make all the texts in one audio file.

I hope this helps you and if it does then feel free to share this. Thanks


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