Will Li-Fi be available everywhere and work?

After watching the video you probably thinking that how slow your Wi-Fi is and feeling very upset about it, and at the same time thinking how crap the Wi-Fi is against the Li-Fi. Well, in the reality it is not like that. Of course there are some  good sides about the Li-Fi but there are some good sides of Wi-Fi too, and that is what I want to talk about in this post.

Li-Fi vs Wi-FI
Of course in this case Wi-Fi is no way near to Li-Fi.

Connectivity through the wall:
Li-Fi can't transfer data through walls so in this case Wi-Fi gets wins.

Public internet connectivity:
People are saying that in the future they want Li-Fi to be in public places. Well, as you have seen in the video that to transfer data from your mobile phone to Li-Fi you have to have a receiver and emitter (in this case a light). So for example if you want to download a youtube video so you send a request to the Li-Fi, but it won't be able get the request until you show your emitter (light) towards the direction of Li-Fi receiver. How many times would you do that? How odd it will look if everyone start showing light towards the sensor. But with the Wi-Fi you can send a request and download the video even from inside your pocket.

Internet of Things
At the end of the video above you probably have seen that he's trying to say that in the future people will try to connect almost everything with Li-Fi. Well, what I'm thinking is that people are not that stupid, specially who wants to connect bridge sensors with Li-Fi? First of all you don't need lighting speed to get few kb or mb of data to the sensor and another thing is that the Li-Fi receiver will get dirty for staying outside and once it gets covered by dust or so it will stop receiving any data. It's better to use radio transceiver for this and not Li-Fi. To getting smart is good but to getting over smart is foolish (like Google glass, where are they now?).

He said that Wi-Fi sends radio waves through the wall so it's easily picked up by others and that's why it's not safe. Well, I think he forgot to mention that you can put password on it and there is something called encryption and decryption. If you send something via Wi-Fi encrypted then no one can find out untill they have the right decrypting software. And same thing goes to Li-Fi so in this one I think both are same.

My final thought about Li-Fi:
Only thing I liked about Li-Fi is the speed, other than that I haven't found any good use of it til now. The guy in the video might have made you think that Li-Fi is best, because that's how he gets more views and subscribers and therefore more money. Remember if you get something in a nice expensive box that doesn't mean that the object inside the box will be always nice and expensive. Please don't get me wrong, of course he must have done good research on it but I just can't agree everything what he said.

One more thing I would like to say (which seems that guy clearly doesn't know is) that Radio waves (which Wi-Fi uses) and Light travel as the same speed. So slowness of Wi-Fi is for some other factors.

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