This is why you should spend some times with your loved ones

Nowadays we waste so much time on social media and don't try to give a little bit of time with our loved one. Hopefully we can take a lesson from the video.

*That's why I tell my loved ones I love them all the time, cause in a blink of the eye life can change for the worse. Life is a honor, and gift. Appreciate them when they still have breath in them.

*Indeed sham thanks for sharing this, hope Someone watched this and realized value of their life and love ones.

*Heart touching video. You really express in your videos that how our society behaves today. I appreciate you about your work against all these immoral behaviours.

*Exactly right. Never know what's gonna happens in next moment. Show your love to who you care for. Laugh, love and have fun with them. Change yourself if it's hard for you to show your love. Otherwise you will regret afterwards.

*Don't avoid at your family's need. When they ask you something nice, don't avoid at this. Family are important first. Not himself.

*Life is very short to worry about other things instead being with ur loved ones and treasure them while u are alive and it is very sad for what has happen.

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