Your password front of everyone but no one can find out


As you know that nowadays we have got many accounts in many social media sites or even other sites where we have to use our user names and passwords, but how many passwords can you remember? If you have to remember 10 different passwords then of course you will get mixed up. But don't worry we've found the solution here. You can even send secret messages to friends and families and no one will ever find out what you have sent beside the person who know the main password. So you just need remember one password to find thousands of passwords.

How does it work?
It's just a Java script which encrypt the text into numbers according to password you put.

What to do?
If the iframe works in your browser (if not click here) then you will see 3 boxes .
  • First box, make your own password which you can remember all the time
  • Second box, in this box you write message or what ever you want to encrypt but remember to make the box clear of any text before writing. 
  • Third box, this is the box you will get the encrypted texts or you put encrypted texts to make it normal text.
  • Once you've done with first and second box click on the Encrypt button.
Remember you should never put your full real password to any unauthorised website including the website below.

Can you make it desktop version?
Well, yes you can by downloading the Java script and making a HTML file on your desktop then you will be able to use it without the internet.

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