Dad tries to save his kid from bullies and gets beaten up

There is video clip going viral now in which a dad tries to defend his kid from some bullies and gets beaten up very badly. I knew nowadays kids don't respect elders much, but never knew they can go this far.

Some people are saying that the dad pushed and punch other kid as you can see in the video above. But it seems like the dad tried to go closer to his son and the other kid came and provoked him. You can see in the video below he (the dad) "I thought they were jumping in on him. What would do you if it was your kid?".

Many people frustrated by this incident and showing their anger through comments.

1. [ If it was my kid doing the bullying and beating???? I would beat his or her be sure!!!! They would feel the wrath and know what it is like to be bullied and beaten!!!]

2. [i would've gotten back in the car and run those fucks over, that is if i hadn't already beaten one of them to a pulp with the metal pipe i carry in my trunk]

3. [Fucking cunts if you did that to me I would hunt you one by one and I swear I would fucking destroy you, I would die for my son trying to protect him against bullies!! ]

4. [First I would like to say way to go Dad for sticking up your son. Second what the HELL is wrong with kids now days??? They all need to spend a few nights in jail for doing this.]
Well, it seems like this guy is right. Nowadays kids got too much freedom they can do what ever sh*t they want and they won't get punished and they know this very well that's why they act like wild animals.

5. [ This happens when children are not disciplined and taught respect. I got my ass beat growing up, there just isn't decency anymore. ]

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