Why can't I copy facebook comments

Did you ever come across this problem, where while browsing through facebook posts you have seen a nice funny comment that you wanted to copy, so that you can save it in text file and read it afterwards but you couldn't copy it?


Well, that happened to me lot of times, specially on my phone and tablet not on computer though.

How can you solve this problem?
You can solve it in two ways or maybe more, but I got these two ideas in my head which worked for me.
  1. Set the browser to desktop version. This sometimes worked for me and sometimes it didn't.
  2. Take a screenshot of that comment >> then crop it to the specific part that you want to copy >> then upload the picture to a site called onlineocr.net >> after uploading the picture enter captcha code >> then hit the convert button. Now you'll have all text file only which you can copy and save it anywhere you want.
Can you get text from any picture?
Yes if you find a picture and there are some texts in it, you can convert that to normal text file by using that website.

It so helpful that for example you go somewhere and saw something on the billboard and you didn't understand it, so you can just take a picture and convert it into texts then translate it by Google translator. It can even save your time, for example you saw a phone number and an address which you need to copy. Just take a picture of that and convert it to text, that's all. It will take less time to convert the picture into texts than writing everything, but remember the picture should be in good quality and clear.
That's all for this post I hope it helps you.


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