Google is planning to add an ad blocker to Chrome

Are you one of those who hates seeing too many annoying ads everywhere when you visit a site? There are many websites where you will find ads after every few lines or there might me not any content at all besides ads. Yes that is very frustrating! and sometimes you clicking next after next still you can't find the main thing that you wanted.

Well, very soon those annoying ads can be blocked by Google's own web browser Chrome as wsj says. This feature will be available in both Desktop and Mobile version. Although many people (visitors) maybe very happy to see this feature but many publisher may not be happy at all, specially those who are heavily dependent on their ad revenue.

If you read the article properly you'll see that Google might trying to filter certain kind of ads from appearing on the site. We can think of few things here.

1. Will Google block their own (Adwords) ads?
If that's true then Google will lose huge amount of money. By the way who want's to be hurt by himself? If you didn't understand then let me explain you. Adwords is a Google's own program, through which advertisers show their ads on different sites (this site is one of them). So imagine someone comes to this site by using Chrome and Google blocks the ads. So in that case Google will lose money, even though it might be small amount (because this site small) but imagine you add 100,000 of sites like this.

2. Google maybe wanting to block other ads.
Well, recently I've seen many ads network similar to Google on different websites and it's probably Google doesn't pay much to their publishers, they are too busy pleasing advertisers maybe that's why publishers are looking for alternative way to Google. So when Google saw that publishers are going away so they came up with this idea that just block the other network ads and just show Googles ads.

If they think like this then it's very bad idea, because eventually publishers will find out and might leave Google altogether. That's because publishers get less money from Google ads and that's why they try to make a bit extra from other networks. So if Google blocks other income source then of course they will go away. Instead of  taking care about the publishers and think about how they can keep them happy with Google they came up with this idea.

3. Blocking ads becoming a good source of income.
You probably don't know that the ad-blockers doesn't always block all the ads. The developers of ad-blockers let some ads to show on the site even though you've listed the site in your block ads list. That's because those ad network has paid the ad-blocker developers not block their ads. So Google maybe thinking of getting that market too. It's all about money. :(

4. Visitors should know this.
Well, this not true that all the sites are ad infested. You might find many click-bait site which full of ads and you think all the other sites will be the same. No, not at all. You will find many decent sites which doesn't use too many ads to annoy readers. They know that they need readers and you know that you need the good contents. So if you block ads from all sites then those good site might lose interest and stop producing good contents or maybe block you from accessing. And that won't be good, because how many sites are you going to pay for their contents?

Here is one thing I just want to finish with that Google Chrome is pretty famous web browser, it can effect many people. Here is one snapshot of browsers people have been using to see this site. Total number of hits 17,486 all the browsers combine, and 9,273 hits just from the Google Chrome.

Well, I think visitors should understand that they shouldn't block the ads at least from those sites that they are getting benefit from. Otherwise it's kind of selfishness that you want the good things from them but you don't want to sacrifice anything.

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