Realtek RTL8192EU doesn't support windows 8 (solved)

Recently I bought a WiFi adopter called "Realtek RTL8192EU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 Network Adapter" and when  tried to install it on my laptop I got a problem. But after solving it I thought why not share with other people some one can get benefit from it.

So here is what happened. After putting the CD in and running the auto run I came across few options. Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, User Manual and Brows CD. So I clicked "Windows" because my laptop runs on windows. After that a window popped up asking for permission to install the drivers. I got scared and thought never know they might install virus on my PC, so I closed it and thought let me do it in another way. And that was plugging the adopter first and let PC find the driver or guide it to the actual folder where the driver is.

So I plugged in the adopter let PC to look for the driver, when it didn't find I clicked "Windows" to install it normally but this time it started saying that "Sorry! We do not support this operating system!!". I thought forget it and let me find the driver folder in the CD.  So I opened the driver folder by following this path "Browse CD >> Windows >> RTWLANU_Driver >> WinX64" and copied the WinX64 folder and pasted on my desktop. After that I plugged the adapter again, and this time it automatically installed the driver and I could see WiFi2 has been created.

In the final driver folder RTWLANU_Driver you will find some more driver folders for other windows and operating system, please choose which ever right for your system.
That's all, I hope it helps you. :)

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  1. WTF would anyone need to BUY a driver for their computer?


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