This is why SSD is better than HDD

As we know that the technology is becoming in the fist of people day by day. And devices are becoming smaller yet performances are getting faster and faster. Well, today we are going to talk about that kind of evolution.

Comparing HDD vs SSD.
SSD = stands for Solid State Drive and HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive.

They are both storage devices where computer saves all its data. How fast the computer will load and how fast a file will open up, it all depends on the speed of the storage device.

Let's talk about HDD first:
IBM invented HDD in 1956. There are some discs (yes if you break one you will find few discs which staked on top of another) inside the HDD and computer reads or write on the discs by using magnetism. The speed of HDD depends on how fast the disc spins, if it spins faster the speed will be fast as well.

Let's talk about SSD now:
Usually what ever mechanism is used in pen-drives and memory-cards the same mechanism is used in SSD as well. It saves the data by using some complex circuits. So now let's compare between these tow.

1. More Physical Damage1. Less Physical Damage
2. Nosy, Vibration and heat2. No Nosy, Vibration or Heat
3. Consumes More Power3. Consumes Less Power
4. Boot up 30-40 Sec4. Boot up 10-13 Sec
5. Writes = 50-120MBps5. Writes = 200-500MBps
6. Opens a file 30% Slower6. Opens a file 30%Faster

Well, I hope you have learned something about your computer drives today and now you know why SSD is better than HDD. To be honest, the noise of my laptop's hard drive (although it's way quieter than a desktop) some times pisses me off, so now I'm thinking of shifting to SSD.


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