Does Google Chrome's Data Saver really help?

If you are too much concerned about your internet bills and think of using less data so that you don't get over charged, and to do that you might have come across Google Chrome's Data Saver, Right?

Well, I was thinking about that too, and not because I wanted save data but rather wanted to test the system and here what I've found. OK before I say something let me what Google says about the data saver.  "With Data Saver, you can lower your phone bill or load web pages faster on slow connections by reducing the amount of data Chrome uses."

Sounds good, right? From this we understand two main points, it will lower  your phone bill and page will load faster. Well, it's true that if you have lees data to do download and it will obviously load faster, but what if the system can't reduce the data much. As you can see at the top, I've used (on mobile) the Chrome on Data saver mode for few days and it only managed to save 7 MB from 653MB. I don't think that will help me to reduce my phone bill much, will it?

Let's see the disadvantages of using Chrome in data saving mode.
  • Data Saver won't work if you're on secure pages (addresses that start with https : //) or if you're browsing in private with Incognito mode. (To make it clear, I didn't do this it couldn't save data much)
  • Some websites might have trouble finding your location.
  • Some images might look fuzzy.
  • Websites that are restricted to certain groups, such as your company's internal sites, might not load.
  •  You might not be able to sign in to your mobile operator's website.
  •  Changes you made to your /etc/hosts file won't work.
So after so many difficulties and getting only few MB reduced, do you think it's helpful? If you are still curious to know how it works then here it is.

When you use Data Saver, most of your web traffic goes through Google servers before being downloaded to your device. Less data gets downloaded to your device, because Google servers will compress it.

Do you still want to use this useless option and want to know how to do it? 
Open the Chrome >> Hit the 3 dots >> Settings >> Data saver >> Turn it on/Off


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