Arif Ahmed Rayhan The kid who made a led mask

Really people shouldn't discourage any child, doesn't matter however small thing he invents. This is a story about a kid  his name is Arif Ahmed Rayhan from Bangladesh. He made a LED mask which can help people in the dark. When someone asked, how he made it? He was explaining everything in detail how he made the mask, but instead of appreciating the kid they were asking the kid in a way that it sounded like they were trying to humiliate him.

At the end someone said wear it and go. And when he was going they were laughing, on the way someone asked his name, he replied so quietly that you can't even hear properly and he didn't even look back. I think he was probably feeling shame to look back. These are the future inventors if people don't appreciate them they will lose hope and they will stop inventing stuffs. And the result maybe a country with dumb people. :(


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