Much needed help for first time Hubsan H501S X4 Flyer

If you have bought this drone and confused what to do and the user manual not helping much either than is this video will definitely help you.

I think it's even better to watch the full video before you open your drone box, it explains way better than the user manual. It would have saved my time if I watched this video first. After compass calibration 1 and 2 (which I hardly worked out by reading the manual) I couldn't even start the motor. And didn't find anything says how to start the motors. :(

It was so frustrating that I thought all my money probably gone in the bin. And than I watched so many YouTube videos just to know how I can start the motor but no one seems to showing anything about it, until I saw this video.

How to start the motors of Hubsan H501S X4:
Push the left stick to the left bottom, and right stick to the right bottom to start the motors.

How to stop the motors of Hubsan H501S X4:
Well, even in this video didn't tell how to stop the motors so because I didn't know it and that's why I stopped them by disconnecting the battery connection. Remember don't ever do that. I did that because I didn't know how to stop and I couldn't find anything anywhere where it says how I should stop them. To stop them do the same thing you do to start them.

Really some time I think that the user manual is useless, if it doesn't even tell you the basic stuffs what kind of manual is that. I had to surf around the net and waste so much time just to know some basic stuffs. Please watch the full video for more functions which you might not know and the useless user manual didn't tell you about, in fact forget user manual watch the video carefully before you even open the user manual. This will teach you more stuffs and easy to understand than the useless manual.
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