Someone got A in gold diggers test!

Although you might see many fake videos about gold diggers which shows how girls are attracted to rich people, but you probably say that not all the girls are same. There are many girls who are looking for real relationship, but because most girls go for the money and stuff so I don't really feel sorry for them when they get humiliated like this. In fact they deserve it, because they also humiliate the poor guys because they (guys) are not rich.

Best comments:
  1.  Don't judge the book by the cover. I've known broke people with expensive cars and wealthy people with basic cars. People always relate what you drive or type of house you live in to wealth. Your not rich until you own it. Perception is not always reality.

  2.  People nowadays are way too superficial. Just because you drive the most luxurious cars and own the biggest house, does not mean you're economically stable or wealthy. Mark Zuckerberg for instance. He drives a four-door hatchback Volkswagon worth $30k ...... He's worth $56 billion. Smh

  3. In response to "She's not a gold digger" someone said

  4.  He's a good looking dude, sorry people defending her, she is obviously a gold digger. Yea, he didn't offer her a ride the first time but she said she wasn't interested and now she is... cmon. She's gonna get in a car with a total stranger all of a sudden. I know she didn't get straight A's in common sense, that's for sure.

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