Tips For Growing Your Youtube Channel and get lot of views.

By watching this video I have found few really helpful tips to grow your YouTube Channel and grab more and more views.

1. You need to start treating your YouTube channel as a brand, almost as a mini TV network.
2. Having really good contents which people want to watch.
3. High quality videos, good sound quality and in focus.
4. Make shorter videos, so that people are likely to watch the whole video.


5. Consistent posting schedule. This is the key, this what changed his channel and grown rapidly.

6. Tagging your videos properly. You can use the keywords of your most viewed video so that when people watch that video YouTube will recommend the new video next to it and that's how you will get boost for the new unknown video.

7. Description. Which let the views know what kind of video is that and you can add different video link in that and even Google search engine pick up those video links.

8. Making play list. You can make as many play lists as you can, because that's how you link one video with another and someone watches one the next one will play automatically.


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