iPhone 8 Plus vs. Note 8 ultimate 4k video comparison

Well, how many of us can buy any of these high priced smart phones? Yet some of us still dream to buy one, and it's always wise and better when you take a decision after watching the reviews so that you don't regret afterwards. CaseyNeistat the ultra rich guy has done one so you can see the differences.

The most noticeable things people have found are. The sound quality of Note 8 and video quality of iPhone 8 plus.

Best comments:
1. Audio is definitely better on the note 8 but I think I like the warm feel the iPhone gives :)

2. Camera on iPhone is better but samsungs audio tops the iPhone's by a mile.

3. I've used an iPhone for years and anybody that has sense can see the Note 8 won in video & audio.

It all depends what kind of picture quality you want. some people like warm and some people like cool. In this case video of the note 8 looks cool white and iPhone 8 plus's looks like warm (slightly dark yellowish colour). In my case I'm not getting any of them.


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