Guy Repeats Logan Paul 100,000 Times

Well, what a weird way of getting attention and make money out of it. This guy saying 100,000 times Logan Paul in 17:06:06 long video and taking millions of watch hours away from dumb people. You know what? That's what dumb people deserve actually. If you tell them good things, they won't listen and think as if you are dictating them, although in reality you just wanted to help them.

I don't understand this, how can this video get 100k+ likes. No wonder people are doing dumb sh*t all over the place. When people see there is money in stupidity then of course people will do stupid sh*ts.

Dumb comments:

1. "Someone plz tell me why I'm watching this".
2. "What is he doing with his life".
What are you doing with your life? That's the question you should ask yourself. He is making money to enjoy his life and you f***ing wasting your life watching bull sh*t and this simple thing your brain can't process.

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Although Mr Beast does some weird stuffs to grab attentions therefor more money, but I must say he has a good heart and he gives quite lot of money to people for free. I really appreciate that. Thanks Mr Beast!

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