How to make thousands of $$$ selling free stuffs you get

From 0:41
This is a great idea of making totally free extra money just by selling things that you get for free from fans. Well, if you are a quite famous YouTuber then you can do this. As you can see in the video that guy have sold $35,000+ worth of stuffs which people have sent to him. I know you might say, he is not taking it for himself but donating it. Yes, that's right but you never know what he does with it and he won't tell you if he keep something for himself.

He said I wanted to sell them on eBay so that people stop sending him stuffs. If he is so eager to make people stop sending him stuffs then why doesn't he just stop posting posting address or encouraging people to send him stuffs. In one way says he doesn't want it yet in other way he encourages to send don't you see something fishy going on.

I don't feel sorry for those people who send him stuffs thinking that he will do some promotion video for him (sender). Yes, he is a well-know person and if he includes something in his video then millions of people will see and that's how the sender or the stuff can get popularity. But do you know there are millions of people just thinking like you, what if they send stuffs thinking they will have the chance first. So in that way your item might seen by millions but their once chance in a million that your stuff might get chosen. That's big mistake make many companies sending sample to big famous people.

Give the stuffs to less famous people and your chance of getting in the video will be 90% or 100% instead of famous people and get chance of maybe 0.000001%. I know someone who gets so many free perfume samples for free that he got fed up. He told me many times that look at this sh*t I don't like it but they keep sending me these for free. I told him why don't you just sell it off? You will get free money and let those looser lose money, who gives a F*.

Some people want stuffs and do review of it, but they don't get sh*t because they are not popular. And others don't want stuffs still they get tons of stuffs. The world is really a weird place. :(

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