This is why you shouldn't give free advice to stupid people

In a reply to someone who said this video is misleading, fake and you shouldn't like this kind of videos. These kind of videos are for generating views and money. But some stupid people don't get that and said.

"Why would you want to try to keep anyone from making money with a video? Are you the same kind of person that blames everyone else for your own faults? Leave the person alone trying to make a buck off of a video. It doesn't matter if it's real or not, people will figure it out on their own. Politicians lie to and deceive everyone everyday and make money doing it, go after them. This person is just trying to make a living. And if you think you need to police YouTube then you need a hobby. Maybe take up bird watching or flower collecting, they both would make good hobbies for a snowflake like you."

My concern is that YouTube is getting full of this kind of bullshit videos. Now when you type something and you will see all the rubbish and useless videos are on top of the list. So who's fault   is it? Because of some stupid people who love to see useless videos now the genuine people find hard to get the genuine stuffs.

YouTube doesn't give a shit about quality of the video or how informative it is. They only see how long people watch the video and engagement of people so that they can put ad on them. More people glued to the video means most likely people will see the ads and won't skip it.

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