How to recover your hacked facebook account 100% works

Are you frustrated that your Facebook account got hacked and  you don't have any control over it? Well, nothing to worry about. In this post you will find out how exactly you can take back cntorl of your account.

Step 1:- Go to default internet browser (Maybe Crome) and type for search

Step 2:- Click on the option my account is compromised.

Step 3:- To open your account click on forgotten password. 

Step 4:- Then enter your email address or phone number to search your hacked account. And type for security check.

Step 5:- select the hacked Facebook account. (Hacker might have changed the email, phone number and other details) so click the option no longer have access to these. 

Step 6:- Click on I cannot access my email account. Then login to your old account associated with your Facebook.

Note:- If you don't remember your phone number and your gamail / email then it's not possible to recover your account.

I hope this helped you. :)


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