Saturday, 29 September 2018

How to find out cheap and fake memory cards

As you might already know how important memory cards are. Although nowadays you might have already seen many phones with large amount of memory, yet you might still need extra memory card to increase the memory of the phone. That's because high quality videos and pictures take quite a lot of space. Anyway, to avoid being scammed how can you find out which card is real and which card is fake.

There are many companies which are producing cheap memory cards with less memory inside, by using a special software they making it look like it's holding large amount of memory. To avoid this kind of scam, you need to look at the label first. By looking it carefully you will see a thin sticker.

1. If you see that then think it's possible a fake memory (not the right amount of memory in the card).

2. After buying it, make sure you scan with a antivirus software. It might say there's a virus in the card. That means it might really have a virus in the card or because of the software (which making the memory card having large amount of memory). Make sure you format it, otherwise you might get virus in your phone/pc or your videos or any other documents will get corrupted.


Sunday, 2 September 2018

6 Great tips to get your youtube videos discovered

1. Focus on content which isn't well served by other channels. So if you're making videos in a very crowded category, it difficult to outperform the competition. For example if you start making video about phone reviews, your video might not get discovered unless your video is more interesting other's, because you'll already find many people producing amazing phone review videos.

2. Sharing your videos with friends on social media and relevant forums.

3. Titles and thumbnails followed by your descriptions are more important than tags.

4. Make your audience happy and produce those kind of constants that they like. Uploading 2-3 videos a week won't help you if your audience don't like it. Ask for feedback from your audience and step ahead accordingly.

5. Is it true that YouTube algorithm doesn't promote short videos? No it is not true, there are many many videos less than 10 minutes even less than 3 minutes got millions of views. It all depends on how interesting your videos are. If your video is short but people like, share and watch most of it, it will be recommended.

6. Likes are one of the many signals that YouTube algorithm will promote your videos.