Bus driver got fired for defending himself

Let's see what other people think about the judgement.

1. Driver should not have been fired

2. Fired for What? Not being killed?

3. Fired for defending himself? this is absolutely unacceptable

4. If this driver don't win the law suit against his workplace, it is something completely wrong with this world!!!

5. ridiculous. it was in the own defence

6. Totally unfair!!

7. BS company that cares little for their employees lives.

8. Shouldn't have been fired at all.

9. Why is the driver fired? U would have done the same if it happened to u!!!!

10. Lucky the bus was not full of people driving along the highway

11. In new world constellation not aloud on self defence

12. so this bus company wants employees to sit there and take this ,its human nature to fight back

13. Self defense is everybody’s right. And he used his right.

14. boycott this bus company they don't care about employee

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