Amazon Sellers Sourcing From Unsafe Factories

This kind of investigation doesn't help those poor people. It makes them even harder to earn a living. Instead of forcing big companies to lockup the factories and stop buying from those poor people, why don't they give more money to them? We know very well that those greedy companies make lot of money from those cloths, yet they don't want to spend a bit more to the hardworking people because whom they are enjoying luxury life.

These scumbag reporters don't investigate in their own countries (when you can find many companies make workers work very hard and don't even give a minimum wage, and even they give minimum wage f***ng government takes lot of money by forcing you to pay this tax and that tax, so you end up having almost nothing). Only the people at the top make a lot money by doing almost nothing.

Let's read comments:
1. Won't banning the factories just increase unemployment and poverty. There should be a better solution.

2. I'm from Bangladesh.Our economy depends on apparel.Our people risk their life for livelihood . To make livings we need to fight with storm, flood,building fire ,road accident .This kind of report would result in shutting down more factories.Tens of Thousands of workers would become jobless. That means no food no shelter for those families, no education for their children. Thus they would remained trapped inside the vicious cycle of poverty.

3. Buyer wants cheap products & also ensure safe environment for workers, is that a joke?

4. Growing population always creates the problem of employment. You can't sit idle and wait for a job that has a world class compliance coz those jobs are limited and there are too many people applying for it. plus you cant threaten to quit since there are others who are desperate enough to take your place and work in those poor conditions. Many of the western countries have gone through this phase and now its south Asia's turn.

5. People need to work to live. Buyers need to increase prices so manufacturers can ensure proper safety and livelihood of workers. It's a fact that brands squeeze every cent out of the manufacturers.

6. The report seems somewhat incomplete. Yes, Bangladesh has some very risky factories. But then again Bangladesh also has some very fine and world-class factories. there are 5000 garments in Bangladesh how can you tell that all Bangladeshi garments are treated their workers in the same way. don't judge it by one side . do more inspection more & more than publish another one which will be more clear.

In conclusion I would say big companies should stop being too greedy and spend some money in making the products, so when the factory owners gets more money they can give more money to workers and do some maintenance of their factories. Once the factory owners and the workers are happy everything will be solved.

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