is 4ocean legit

If you ask is 4ocean legit or scam then the simple answer would be they are not fully scam but in a way yes they are. After watching the video above and many more videos plus reading many comments and visiting their website it's quite clear to me that they are not for cleaning the ocean but filling their pockets with millions of $$$.

Are those Bracelets really worth $20?
Not really. They are not even made 10% from recycle plastics of the ocean, plus they made in China. Maybe cost less than $1 dollar to make, and they charge people $20. If the are really doing what they say then why don't they make those bracelets with the plastics they capture from the ocean? If they are collecting millions of tons of plastics, why don't they sell them and make living out of? There are many questions can raised.  So my advise would be don't buy the bracelets if you don't want to fall for the scam. It's also very clear that they are for business and not for getting rid of the pollution (although with business in mind you can be environmentalist) but you shouldn't fool people and scam them.

Here is another example of their suspicions activity. They put ads of their products on Facebook and other sites to grab more innocent people. If they doing something so helpful then why do they have to put ads and waste money. Oh I see, when they put ads they earn more so this all about business.

Let's read some comments:

  • I suggest everyone who is considering buying a bracelet to go outside, pick up 1 wet pound of rubbish, and then just think for a second. A) That's not $20 of work, and B) you've already done everything the bracelet promised.

  • I’m living in Port-au-Prince Haiti, never heard of 4ocean before your first video about them. And I’m not trynna be funny here.

  • The ironic part is that these bracelets are just gonna make their way back to the ocean.

  • As someone who showcases many environmental issues on my channel, how would I go about creating this movement for real and not just a 4Ocean cash grab? For $20 I'll drive 1.5 hours to the beach and pickup 20 lbs of trash.

  •  For $20 you can buy a hat a fishnet a liter of water something to eat and with 1h of your time you can clean a small beach

  •  Yea sorry i just dont trust 4ocean, ill spend my $20 to my local waste management.

  • Grab some bags
    Go for a walk to forest/beach/park/wherever to nature
    Collect 1 pound of trash
    Separate plastc, glass, paper to those bags you brought
    Take those bags to nearest recycling station or put them in your sorted waste containers if you have some
    You have done someting for your body✅
    You have for sure helped nature✅
    You have saved $20✅

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