Did MrBeast Really Give Away 40 Cars

Recently MrBeast celebrated his 40million subscribers mark by giving away 40 cars. Some people might think this is fake and he probably didn't give all those cars away. Well, you can think like that, but really can be quite different. It's not normal for someone to spend so much money and give all away for nothing (seemingly), but actually he is a genius guy. He does this to get more views and subscribers (after some time those subscribers become hardcore fans).

What's the reason behind doing this and how does he manage?
Well, as I said before he does this to get more views and subscribers and this is his model of business. What ever he earns, he spends quite a lot in his videos to get even bigger return. So doing something like this is not big deal for him now. 

Let me give you an example here. In the comment section of this video he says "I was able to afford this because you guys bought the 40 mil merch! Thank you so much!!!" so imagine if he only profits $1.00 each of those 40 million merch, he would've profited 40 million dollars. And now you minus 2 or maybe 3 million for those 40 cars, he still has 39 million to play with. 

Before I didn't used to like MrBeast, because I used to think that he does these for views and money but now I've started liking him because although he does it for money still many people are benefiting from it. I didn't see any big youtuber gives away so much money.  He is a great inspiration for many people.

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