Hi, welcome to my blog. In this blog I try my best to write some tips & tricks and sometimes I collect funny stuffs from the internet and put it here for entertaining purposes. I hope you will like and enjoy my blog. Thanks

Note: Please if you are too sensitive then I'm politely requesting you that try to find the thing you are looking for from somewhere else. Thanks

Few things to keep in mind:
  • Any experiment you do, you may do so at your own risk. I'll not be responsible for anything you do.
  • I've tried my best to make this site as useful as possible but still if you think I've made a mistake somewhere then please do let me know in the comment section on that post, it will be greatly appreciated. 
  • If you want to remove something which maybe mistakenly included in any of the posts, you can ask for removal. It will be removed after evaluating the genuine request.  
  • Offensive language I've written a whole post about this please read it by clicking here.

* About embedded YouTube videos:
You might see some embedded YouTube video on this site and think that the video owner won't be happy with that. Well, you need consider few things here.

1. To prove a point.
Sometimes you need to embed the video to prove some points otherwise people won't be able know what you are talking about. For more details please read.

2. Video owners love their videos to be shared.
Video owner loves his/her video to be shared and watched so that they get more views, popularity and money. So by embedding their videos it serves exact same purpose that they want and yes embedded video do get monetize. So the video owner will get his/her money. It 99% better than other method, where someone just downloads the video and then upload it on Facebook or Twitter and gives a credit to the original content creator. In that case the video owner may only get a little (I said little because many times most of the people not even bothered to see the credit) popularity but not the money.

3. They can block embedding.
If the video owner still not happy with the free sharing and money then they can block the embed option from their YouTube channel. If they don't know this setting then they should find out how the YouTube works first.

Thanks for your visit and I really appreciate your time.

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