Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Why can't I see facebook comments on my phone and tablet

It is frustrating that when you open your Facebook and scroll down to see different post on your wall but you can't see any comments on the posts. Sometime you probably think, maybe no one has left any comments.

Well, actually that's not the case. If you are in mobile mode on your tablet or phone then sometimes you probably won't see any comment even though someone has left a comment already. The below screenshot has been taken before changing the mobile mode.

In this picture can't see how many comments and how many shares. You can only see how many people liked the post.

Now see the screenshot below, which has been taken after switching the desktop mode.
In this picture you can clearly see how many people liked, commented and shared. Now if you click on the comments, you will be able to read them as well.

How to change your mobile to desktop mode?
Well, it is very easy. If you are using Android and your current browser is Google Chrome then just click on the 3 dots on your top right hand corner. Then select Request desktop... See the picture below.
Now it will reload the page and you will be able to see the comments. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Nope, still not showing all the comments. I know on my PC I have to change "show to comments" to "show all". Can't do it view the mobile site

    1. Well, I checked "Request desktop" and that worked perfectly on my mobile.

  3. Omg I am so glad I found this freaking page